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Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity Conservation Section

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Animal Ecology and Systematics Section
  • Ecology of aquatic systems with special emphasis on: community ecology and ecological biogeography, biodiversity and nature conservation, stress ecology, evolutionary ecology and behavioral ecology, molecular ecology and ecological genetics, aquaculture and environmental microbiology.
  • Cooperation and conflict in social insects.
  • Vertebrate archaeozoology from late quaternary deposits on. The division is well equipped for field work as well as for laboratory experiments and analysis, including a fully equipped genetic laboratory and class 2 laboratories for the study of aquatic pathogens.
Contact information

Head of Section: Prof. L. Brendonck

Charles Deberiotstraat, 32 – box 2439
BE-3000 Leuven

Telephone: +32 16 323966
Fax: +32 16 324575