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The Institute for International and European Policy (IIEP) is a study centre anchored within the Faculty of Social Sciences of the K.U.Leuven.

The IIEP is dedicated to the study and teaching of a variety of topics such as EU institutional change and EU policies, multi-level governance, transition studies and minority rights in Central and Eastern Europe, peace and strategic studies, international political economy, American politics, comparative foreign policy, and sustainable development.

It comprises four research groups:
The IIEP hosts the Centre for Peace and Strategic Studies, the UNESCO Chair on Building Sustainable Peace, the InBev Baillet Latour Chair on the Relations between the EU and Russia, and the European Politics and Policies Chair on education about European integration. The Institute's staff includes Belgian and international scholars who are engaged in multi-disciplinary approaches and aspire to contribute to research of international excellence in any of the above fields.