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The Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT (ICRI) is an independent academic research centre in the area of law and ICT (information and communications technology). The research of ICRI focuses on:

  • Information Technology Law: regulation and security of electronic transactions (digital signatures, e-commerce, privacy, e-health, computer crime, electronic archiving...)
  • Media and Communications Law: legal consequences of liberalisation and convergence in the info-communications sector (telecommunications, media and competition law, content regulation, co- and self-regulation...)

ICRI belongs to the top five research centres in Europe in the domain of ICT law (together with Amsterdam, Oslo, Bologna and Hannover). In the context of the Sixth EU Framework Programme ICRI has been involved in six "IP's" (integrated projects: PRIME, BIOSEC, WalkonWeb, BEinGRID, SERENITY, DIVYNE) and one NoE (network of excellence: FIDIS, the Future of Identity in the Information Society). ICRI is also participating in a number of FP7-projects.