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The Institute for Civil Procedure, which was founded in 1986 by professor Lemmens, is currently lead by professor Paul Van Orshoven. Its academic staff comprises two professors, two full-time junior researchers as well as five teaching assistants and two practical instructors.

The research of the Institute centres on procedural law in its broadest sense. Professor Van Orshoven has published in the field of constitutional law, administrative (procedure) law, civil procedure and tax procedure law. His colleague, professor Benoît Allemeersch, has published on various topics within civil procedure law, and takes a special interest in the law of evidence and international procedural law. He has recently obtained his doctoral degree with a thesis on the tension between the active role of the judge and the autonomy of the parties within civil and criminal disputes under Belgian law.

Other topics of interest to the Institute include procedural aspects of civil and criminal disputes, mediation, sanctions in civil procedure, the general principles of justice, proper administration of justice (e.g. due process) and environmental procedure law.

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