Title: Spontaneous emission of an ensemble of Fe-57 nuclei interacting with a coherent radiation field coupling the Zeeman sublevels of a nuclear excited 3/2 state
Authors: Odeurs, Joseph
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: Baltzer sci publ bv
Series Title: Hyperfine interactions vol:108 issue:4 pages:535-548
Abstract: The concept ''dressed nucleus'' is introduced to describe the interaction of a nucleus (in a static magnetic field) with a coherent radiation field at resonance with the Zeeman sublevels. The idea is to consider the global system as a one quantum system in the Schrodinger representation. It is shown that it is possible to associate to each nuclear Zeeman substate an infinite number of equidistant energy levels, each of them having a four-fold degeneracy when any interaction with the coherent field is neglected. This periodic energy scheme, which is the same for any nuclear Zeeman substate, is a consequence of the resonance condition and of the specific form of the coherent state of the radiation field. When the interaction is included the energy degeneracy is lifted and each level splits into (2I + 1)(2) equidistant levels, where I is the spin of the free nuclear state. The energy difference between two adjacent levels is proportional to the square root of the mean photon number in the coherent state. When the global system decays spontaneously to a possible ground state a gamma-photon is produced. Taking into account the selection rules 24 different gamma-energies are possible for a nuclear M1 3/2-->1/2 transition.
ISSN: 0304-3843
Publication status: published
KU Leuven publication type: DI
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