Title: Proceedings of the OrthoQuad 2014 conference
Other Titles: Dedicated to the memory of Pablo González-Vera (1955-2012)
Editors: Bultheel, Adhemar
López-Lagomasino, Guillermo
Marcellán, Francisco
Njåstad, Olav
Orive, Ramón
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Elsevier
Series Title: Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics vol:284
Conference: OrthoQuad location:Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain date:20-24 January 2014
Abstract: * A. Bultheel, G. López-Lagomasino, F. Marcellán, O. Njåstad, R. Orive
* G. Álvarez, L. Martínez Alonso, E. Medina
Phase structure and asymptotic zero densities of orthogonal polynomials in the cubic model
* T. Álvarez-Nordarse, J.C. Petronilho, N.C. Pinzón-Vortés, R. Sevinik-Adigazel
On linearly related sequences of dierence derivatives of discrete orthogonal polynomials
* A.I. Aptekarev, D.N. Toulyakov, W. Van Assche
Hyperelliptic uniformization of algebraic curves of the third order
* I. Área, E. Godoy, J. Rodal, A. Ronveaux, A. Zarzo
Bivariate Krawtchouk polynomials: Inversion and connection problems with the NAVIMA algorithm
* E. Berriochoa, A. Cachafeiro, J. Díaz
Convergence of Hermite interpolants on the circle using two derivatives
* C. Brezinski, M. Redivo-Zaglia
New representations of Padé, Padé-type, and partial Padé approximants
* A. Bultheel, M.J. Cantero, R. Cruz-Barroso
Matrix methods for quadrature formulas on the unit circle. A survey
* A. Bultheel, E. Hendriksen, O. Njåstad
Holomorphic functions associated with indeterminate rational moment problems
* R. Cruz-Barroso, C. Díaz-Mendoza, R. Orive
Multiple orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle. Normality and recurrence relations
* R. Cruz-Barroso, C. Díaz-Mendoza, F. Perdomo Pío
A connection between Szegő-Lobatto and quasi Gauss-type quadrature formulas
* J.S. Dehesa, A. Guerrero, P. Sánchez-Moreno
Complexity analysis of hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials
* B. de la Calle Ysern, J. Mínguez Ceniceros
Rate of convergence of row sequences of multipoint Padé approximants
* Z. Dresse, W. Van Assche
Orthogonal polynomials for Minkowski's question mark function
* C. Díaz-Mendoza, P. González Vera, M. Jiménez Paíz, O. Njåstad
Radau and Lobatto-type quadratures associated with strong Stieltjes distributions
* L. Fernández, F. Marcellán, T.E. Pérez, M.A. Piñar, Y. Xu
Sobolev orthogonal polynomials on product domains
* G. López Lagomassino, S. Medina Peralta
On the convergence of type I Hermite-Pade approximants for rational perturbations of a Nikishin system
* J.J. Moreno-Balcázar
Δ-Meixner-Sobolev orthogonal polynomials: Mehler-Heine type formula and zeros
* M. Pranić, L. Reichel
Generalized anti-Gauss quadrature rules
* R. Rivero Castillo, H. Pijeira Cabrera, P. Amado Assunçao
Edge detection based on Krawtchouk polynomials
* E.A. van Doorn
Spectral properties of birth-death polynomials
ISSN: 0377-0427
Publication status: published
KU Leuven publication type: IBe
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