Title: Chiral nanoporous molecular networks physisorbed on graphite controlling handedness
Other Titles: Nanoporeuze moleculaire netwerken gefysisorbeerd op grafiet: controle van de chiraliteit
Authors: Ghijsens, Elke; S0195928
Issue Date: 19-Dec-2013
Abstract: Chiral surfaces are of great relevance for fundamental science as well as fortechnological applications. Patterning a surface with physisorbed organicmolecules in order to modify the surfaces properties and functionality provides aninexpensive and versatile alternative for current top-down fabrication methods.Despite the numerous studies on self-assembly of molecular compounds onsurfaces, predicting the final adlayer structure is still a challenge as the systemis highly responsive to experimental parameters such as solvent, concentrationand temperature. In addition, molecular structural aspects such as the presenceof chiral centres may play a decisive role on the outcome of the two dimensional(2D) self-assembly process.This thesis tries to deepen the understanding of adlayer structure controlwith the focus on constructing chiral 2D porous networks. The expression,induction and transfer of chirality from the molecular to the supramolecularlevel is studied. Chiral porous structures provide an ideal environment forthe enantioselective adsorption of guest molecules. Therefore, the formationof a homochiral nanoporous network, i.e. the nanowells have a well-definedhandedness, is a requisite.
Table of Contents: Abstract iii
Contents ix
List of Figures xv
List of Tables xxi
1 Introduction 1
2 The porous concentration regime in 1-phenyloctane 39
3 Global homochiral porous networks: enantiopure molecules and induction by co-adsorbers 49
4 Tuning template chirality by means of temperature 71
5 Tuning template handedness by means of concentration 81
6 Enantioselective adsorption of guest molecules 87
7 Odd-Even Effects and Unexpected Bicomponent Phase Behavior 101
8 Chiral induction in odd-even bicomponent mixtures with chiral auxiliaries 123
9 Conclusion and Perspectives 135
A Experimental details 139
B Data generation and processing 143
C Influence of sample preparation protocol 153
D Computational details 157
Bibliography 169
Curriculum vitae 197
Publication status: published
KU Leuven publication type: TH
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