Title: Synthesis, characterisation of (arene)tricarbonylchromium complexes linked to cationic Fe and Ru derivatives and studies of first hyperpolarisabilities by hyper-Rayleigh scattering
Authors: Garcia, MH ×
Royer, S
Robalo, MP
Dias, AR
Tranchier, JP
Chavignon, R
Prim, D
Auffrant, A
Rose-Munch, F
Rose, E
Vaissermann, J
Persoons, Andre
Asselberghs, Inge #
Issue Date: Jan-2003
Publisher: Wiley-v c h verlag gmbh
Series Title: European journal of inorganic chemistry issue:21 pages:3895-3904
Abstract: In order to investigate the non-linear optical properties, in particular second-order effects of binuclear organometallic complexes, a series of new cationic binuclear [MCp-(DPPE)Nequivalent toC-(spacer)-Cequivalent toC-C6H5Cr(CO)(3)](+)[PF6](-) compounds and mononuclear precursors [Nequivalent toC-(spacer)-Cequivalent toC-C6H5Cr(CO)(3)] have been synthesised [where M = Fe-II or Ru-II; Cp = eta(5)-C5H5 and spacer = phenyl ring (C6H4), thiophene, (C4H2S), or bithiophene (C4H2S)(2)]. The Fe or Ru organometallic pi-donor fragments were linked by an extended pi system to the acceptor Cr(CO)(3) fragment. The effect of pi back-donation involving the second Fe or Ru metal centre and the pi(*) orbitals of the Nequivalent toC-coordinated group, was probed by the nu((Nequivalent toC)) stretching bands on the IR spectra and also by NMR spectroscopic data. The planarity, largely due to the pi-electron resonance, found on the solid state structure of the mononuclear complex [Nequivalent toC-C6H5-Cequivalent toC-(eta(6-)C(6)H(5))Cr(CO)(3)] (1Cr) determined by X-ray diffraction [monoclinic system, P2(1)/c space group, with a = 10.326(2) Angstrom, b = 13.209(5) Angstrom, c = 11.799(2) Angstrom and Z = 4] emphasises the electronic effect of this building block. The significant values of first hyperpolarisability beta determined by hyper-Rayleigh scattering (HRS) indicate that the Fe containing compounds were more efficient on second-order non-linear optical properties than the ruthenium analogues and the parent mononuclear chromium compounds. ((C) Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, 69451 Weinheim, Germany, 2003).
ISSN: 1434-1948
Publication status: published
KU Leuven publication type: IT
Appears in Collections:Molecular Imaging and Photonics
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