Title: Constructional effects of involuntary and inanimate Agents: a cross-linguistic study
Authors: Fauconnier, Stefanie; S0160988
Issue Date: 28-Apr-2012
Table of Contents: 1 Introduction

2 Preliminaries
2.1 Existing approaches
2.1.1 Approaches based on semantic transitivity
2.1.2 Approaches based on markedness theory
2.2 Terminology and definition of key concepts
2.2.1 Syntactic functions versus semantic roles
2.2.2 Semantic roles: Agents and Patients
2.2.3 Syntactic functions: A and O
2.2.4 Other terms
2.3 Data and methods
2.3.1 The sample
2.3.2 Data collection and scope

3 A-related phenomena
3.1 Differential A Marking
3.1.1 Definition of DAM
3.1.2 DAM governed by animacy
3.1.3 DAM governed by volitionality
3.2 Incompatibility with the A function
3.2.1 Inanimates incompatible with A function
3.2.2 Non-motive inanimates incompatible with A function
3.3 Other phenomena

4 Verb-related phenomena
4.1 Anticausative voice
4.1.1 Anticausative voice and involuntary Agents
4.1.2 Anticausative voice and inanimate Agents
4.1.3 Anticausative voice: related phenomena
4.2 Completive aspect
4.3 Dedicated markers

5 Different phenomena, different motivations
5.1 Accounting for the A-related phenomena
5.1.1 Existing approaches
5.1.2 An alternative account: inanimates are atypical as Agents
5.2 Accounting for the verb-related phenomena
5.2.1 Anticausative voice: uncontrolled events
5.2.2 Completive aspect: unexpectedness
5.2.3 Voice and aspect: a shared underlying principle

6 Broader implications
6.1 Volitionality: Agent-related or event-related?
6.2 A versus O, Agents versus Patients: asymmetrical contrasts
6.2.1 A marking versus O marking
6.2.2 Agent-Patient asymmetries

7 Conclusion

Appendix A 200-language sample

Appendix B Overview of phenomena

Index of languages

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