Title: Testing the structure of the Parental Behavior Scale (PBS) with confirmatory factor analysis
Authors: Van Leeuwen, Karla
Issue Date: 2001
Conference: Annual Meeting of the Belgian Psychological Society (BPS) location:Louvain-la-Neuve (B) date:4 May 2001
Abstract: Testing the structure of the Parental Behavior Scale (PBS) with confirmatory factor analysis

Van Leeuwen, Karla

The Parental Behavior Scale (PBS, Van Leeuwen, 1999) is designed to assess well-defined constructs of parenting, based on the social interactional theory (cf. G. Patterson & colleagues). It is a self-rating questionnaire, with 55 items describing observable parental behavior. The occurrence of each behavior is rated on a 5-point-Likertscale. In the parent-version, mothers and fathers rate their own behavior concerning one target child; in the child-version, children rate the same behaviors concerning their mother/father. Evaluation of the PBS indicates that 9 scales can be distinguished: 1. Autonomy (stimulating autonomous behavior); 2. Rules (setting rules); 3. Positive parental behavior (taking care, making time, social rewarding); 4. Monitoring (supervision); 5. Positive reinforcement (material rewarding); 6. Discipline (actions to end unwanted behavior); 7. Inconsequent discipline (illogical punishment); 8. Ignoring (lack of punishment) and 9. Harsh punishment (physical and verbal punishment). The results will be reported of confirmatory factor analyses in regard to the structure of the PBS, using LISREL on several data sets.
Publication status: published
KU Leuven publication type: AMa
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