Title: Luminescence emitting lanthanide organic ternary complexes comprising a bis(sulphonyl)imide ligand & a bi- or tri- dentate heterocyclic ring (system)
Authors: Binnemans, Koen
Görller-Walrand, Christiane
Nockemann, Peter
Van Deun, Rik
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: A method for obtaining an intense luminescence, [said method] comprises the steps of preparing a complex comprising a lanthanide, 1 or more bis(sulfonyl)imide ligands and 1 or more bidentate or tridentate heterocyclic rings and irradiating the complex with a wavelength in the range of 25 nm above or under the maximum of the excitation spectrum of said complex measured in the range of the luminescence wavelength of the lanthanide, hereby excluding the direct excitation in the lanthanide of said complexes. Such a lanthanide organic ternary complex may be used as luminescence emitting complexes in advanced optically amplifying material for data communications and telecommunications applications. They exhibit near-IR and visible light luminescence. A lanthanide organic ternary complex according to following formula I are claimed per se, wherein: the dotted lines represent one double bond, which is dispersed over several bonds; n is any integer from 1, 2, 3 or 4; L is selected from the group of lanthanides; B is selected from neutral bidentate and tridentate heterocyclic rings, optionally substituted with one or more R8; R1, R2, X & Y are as defined in claim 1; and with the proviso that: at least one of R1, R2, X or Y contains hydrogen.
Description: patent application
Publication status: published
KU Leuven publication type: ER
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