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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2013 The Problem of Normativity of the Russian Language in the Scopodern State of the Development of Literary LanguagesSoldatjenkova, Tatjana
2013 The Problem of Normativity of the Russian language in the Scope of Modern State of the Development of Literary LanguagesSoldatjenkova, Tatjana; Dhooge, Ben (othereditor); Langerak, Thomas (othereditor)
2013 Nymph, Wind. Aby Warburg (1866-1929) and the paradigm of reproduction between East and West: reproductions in artBaert, Barbara
2013 From lexical database to tagged Arabic corpusVan Mol, Mark
2013 Flocculation as a low-cost method for harvesting microalgae for bulk biomass productionVandamme, Dries; Foubert, Imogen; Muylaert, Koenraad
2013 Role of transparent exopolymeric particles in membrane fouling: Chlorella vulgaris broth filtrationDiscart, Valerie; Bilad, Muhammad Roil; Vandamme, Dries; Foubert, Imogen; Muylaert, Koenraad; Vankelecom, Ivo
2013 Specimen specific tibial kinematics model for in-vitro gait simulationsNatsakis, Tassos; Peeters, Koen; Burg, Fien; Dereymaeker, Greta; Vander Sloten, Jos; Jonkers, Ilse
2013 The popular legitimacy of European health care systems: a multilevel analysis of 24 countriesMissinne, Sarah; Meuleman, Bart; Bracke, Piet
2013 Immigrant Integration Policies and Perceived Group Threat: A Multilevel Study of 27 Western and Eastern European CountriesSchlueter, Elmar; Meuleman, Bart; Davidov, Eldad
2013 Maternal and foetal effects of remifentanil for general anaesthesia in parturients undergoing caesarean section: a systemic review and meta-analysisHeesen, M.; Klöhr, S.; Hofmann, T.; Rossaint, R.; Devroe, Sarah; Straube, S; Van De Velde, Marc
2013 Musical sense-making and valuing: an experiental and ecological approachReybrouck, Mark; Malecka, Teresa (othereditor); Pawlowska, Malgorzata (othereditor)
2013 Plutarch's Polemic Against Colotes' View on Legislation and Politics. A Reading of Adversus Colotem 30-34 (1124D-1127E)Roskam, Geert
2013 Expression of a novel P22 ORFan gene reveals the phage carrier state in SalmonellaCenens, William; Mebrhatu, Mehari; Makumi, Angella; Ceyssens, Pieter-Jan; Lavigne, Rob; Van Houdt, Rob; Taddei, François; Aertsen, Abram
2013 Selenium blood concentrations in patients undergoing elective cardiac surgery and receiving perioperative sodium seleniteStoppe, Ch.; Spillner, J.; Rossaint, R.; Coburn, M.; Schälte, G.; Wildenhues, A.; Marx, G.; Rex, Steffen
2013 Mechanical and tribological behavior of nanostructured copper-alumina cermets obtained by pulsed electric current sinteringZein Eddine, Wassim; Matteazzi, Paolo; Celis, Jean-Pierre
2013 Expert’s interpretation of box plotsLem, Stephanie; Onghena, Patrick; Verschaffel, Lieven; Van Dooren, Wim
2013 Electrical characterization of Cu2ZnSnSe4 solar cells from selenization of sputtered metal layersBrammertz, Guy; Ren, Yi; Buffière, Marie; Mertens, Sofie; Hendrickx, Jurgen; Marko, Hakim; Esmaeil Zaghi, Armin; Lenaers, Nick; Köble, Christine; Vleugels, Jef; Meuris, Marc; Poortmans, Jozef
2013 El grabado flamenco como medio de lenguaje pictórico común en la América virreinal española (siglos XVI-XVII)Esponda de la Campa, Cesar
2013 The slope of the segmental stretch-strain relationship as a novel non-invasive index of LV inotropyJasaityte, Ruta; Claus, Piet; Teske, Arco; Herbots, Lieven; Verheyden, Bart; Jurcut, Ruxandra; Rademakers, Frank; D'hooge, Jan
2013 Modularity and variability of distributed software architectures through multi-view refinement of AO-connectorsOp de beeck, Steven; van Dooren, Marko; Lagaisse, Bert; Joosen, Wouter
2013 Don’t worry, be mindful: Effects of induced worry and mindfulness on respiratory variability in a nonanxious populationVlemincx, Elke; Vigo, Daniel Eduardo; Vansteenwegen, Deb; Van den Bergh, Omer; Van Diest, Ilse
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