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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
12-Feb-2013 Variation in Metonymy: A Corpus-based Cognitive Linguistic Approach.Zhang, Weiwei; Geeraerts, Dirk (supervisor); Speelman, Dirk (cosupervisor)
12-Feb-2013 Essays on competition in the market for audit servicesNuman, Wieteke; Willekens, Marleen (supervisor)
11-Feb-2013 Static behavior of three-dimensional ─▒ntegrated core sandwich composites subjected to three-point bendingKarahan, Mehmet; Gul, Hakan; Karahan, Nevin; Ivens, Jan
11-Feb-2013 Nationaal onderzoeksnetwerk in de eerstelijnsgezondheidszorgDeclercq, Etienne; Van Casteren, Viviane; Bossuyt, Nathalie; Moreels, Sarah; Goderis, Geert; Bartholomeeusen, Stefaan; Bonte, Pierre; Bangels, Marc
11-Feb-2013 Assessment of image quality in orthopaedic radiography with digital detectors: a visual grading analysisDecoster, Robin; Mol, Harrie; Van den Broeck, Renaat; Smits, Dirk
11-Feb-2013 Drifting snow climate of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheetsLenaerts, Jan; Van den Broeke, Michiel (supervisor); Van Meijgaard, Erik (cosupervisor)
11-Feb-2013 Particle alignment in sheared viscoelastic fluids: Novel experimental resultsVan Loon, Sylvie; Clasen, Christian; Fransaer, Jan; Vermant, Jan
11-Feb-2013 Fiber formation during electrospinning of low molecular weight polymer solutions due to the presence of small amounts of high molecular weight polymerReddy, Naveen Krishna; Srinivasan, S.; Palangetic, Ljiljana; Cohen, R.E.; McKinley, G.H.; Clasen, Christian
11-Feb-2013 Effects of environmental parameters on the electrospinnability and fiber morphology of polyethylene oxidePalangetic, Ljiljana; Clasen, Christian
11-Feb-2013 Superposition rheometry of a wormlike micellar surfactant solutionKim, Sunhyung; Mewis, Jan; Vermant, Jan; Clasen, Christian
11-Feb-2013 Metal-bosonic insulator-superconductor transition in boron-doped granular diamondZhang, Gufei; Zeleznik, Monika; Vanacken, Johan; May, Paul; Moshchalkov, Victor
11-Feb-2013 Matrix Sum of Squares Relaxations for LPV System AnalysisZavari, Keivan; Pipeleers, Goele; Swevers, Jan
11-Feb-2013 Impact of Influent Characteristics on Activated Sludge Bioflocculation in Lab-scale Systems (Effect van influentkarakteristieken op de bioflocculatie van actief slib in laboschaal systemen)Van Dierdonck, Jan; Smets, Ilse (supervisor); Van Impe, Jan (supervisor)
11-Feb-2013 Numerical Prediction of Ground Vibrations Generated by Road Traffic and Pavement Breaking (Numerieke voorspelling van trillingen in de omgeving ten gevolge van wegverkeer en het beuken van betonplaten)Lak, Mohammad Amin; Degrande, Geert (supervisor); Lombaert, Geert (supervisor)
11-Feb-2013 "Milk Sauce and Paprika. Migration, Childhood and Memory of the Interwar Belgian-Hungarian Child Relief Project."Hajto, Vera; Pasture, Patrick (supervisor); Goddeeris, Idesbald (cosupervisor)
10-Feb-2013 AVIDICUS-ProjectBalogh, Katalin
10-Feb-2013 Particle alignment in sheared vicoelastic fluids: Novel experimental resultsVan Loon, Sylvie; Vermant, Jan; Clasen, Christian
9-Feb-2013 More nonnatural conceptsJaspers, Dany
9-Feb-2013 High fashion in the low countries: AN(N) compounds in DutchDe Belder, Marijke; Van Koppen, Marjo
9-Feb-2013 Linking phonemes are class markersDe Belder, Marijke
9-Feb-2013 Capital etnique et inclusion scolaire des jeunes d’origine immigrée: le cas des écoles Lucerna en FlandreNicaise, Ides
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