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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2015 Evrart de Conty et ses contemporains: polyphonie d'un discours encyclopédiqueGuichard-Tesson, Françoise; Goyens, Michèle; Ducos, Joëlle (othereditor); Goyens, Michèle (othereditor)
2015 Les marqueurs de discours 'en fait', 'de fait', 'en effet' et 'en réalité' et leurs equivalents néerlandais: indices de grammaticalisationLamiroy, Béatrice; Vanderbauwhede, Gudrun; Vigier, Denis (othereditor); Sarda, Laure (othereditor); Combettes, Bernard (othereditor)
2015 Theologie als geloofsvertolking. Historische en theologische reflecties over het proefschrift van Piet Schoonenberg (1948)Mettepenningen, Jürgen (editor); Kenis, Leo (editor)
2015 A computational methodology for the acoustic characterization of orifices under grazing flow conditionsToulorge, Thomas; De Roeck, Wim; Denayer, Hervé; Desmet, Wim
2015 Juries in the Japanese Legal System: The Continuing Struggle for Citizen Participation and DemocracyVanoverbeke, Dimitri
2015 De Vorstermanbijbel van 1528 en later: naar een katholieke bijbelFrançois, Wim; Gillaerts, Paul (othereditor); Bloemen, Henri (othereditor); Desplenter, Youri (othereditor); François, Wim (othereditor); den Hollander, August (othereditor)
2015 Habsburg TapestriesBuchanan, Iain; Delmarcel, Guy (series); Brosens, Koenraad (series)
2015 Le minimalisme: principes et démarcheLahousse, Karen
2015 Sports participation styles revisited. A time-trend study in Belgium from the 1970s to the 2000sBorgers, Julie; Thibaut, Erik; Vandermeerschen, Hanne; Vanreusel, Bart; Vos, Steven; Scheerder, Jeroen
2015 The Po-BaSyN project : a Web-GIS project on Bronze Age Northern ItalyCattani, Maurizio; Danckers, Jonas; Bourgeois, Jean (othereditor); Deweirdt, Eline (othereditor)
2015 Marx, Sherlock Holmes and Late Italian PrehistoryDanckers, Jonas; Lozny, Ludomir (othereditor)
2015 Francesco Filelfo and Francesco Sforza. Critical edition of Filelfo’s Sphortias, De Genuensium deditione, Oratio parentalis and his Polemical Exchange with Galeotto MarzioDe Keyser, Jeroen
2015 Understanding careersInkson, K.; Dries, Nicky; Arnold, J.
2015 Langages de modélisation : un profil UML personnalisé pour modeler les concepts et les définitions (accepted)Kockaert, Hendrik; Steurs, Frieda; Rute, Costa (othereditor); Roche, Cristophe (othereditor)
2015 Admission hyperglycaemia is associated with higher mortality in patients with a hip fractureLeto, Riccardo; Desruelles, Didier; Gillet, Jean Bernard; Sabbe, Marc
2015 Musical tributes to MelanchtonBurn, David
2015 Identification of linear systems with binary output measurements using short independent experimentsDepraetere, Bruno; Stoev, J.; Pinte, Greg; Swevers, Jan
2015 The Gnostic 'sur' in Surrealism: Jacob Taubes and Hans Blumenberg on Transcendence and Modern Art (forthcoming)Styfhals, Willem; Symons, Stéphane (othereditor)
2015 Filelfo, Man of Letters (proposal accepted)François, Ide (other); De Keyser, Jeroen (editor)
2015 Understanding varieties of flexibility and security in multinationals: Product markets, institutions variation and local bargainingPulignano, Valeria; Keune, M.
2015 Are paraphilias mental disorders? The case of the DSM (forthcoming)Adriaens, Pieter; Meacham, Darian (othereditor)
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