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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2013 Selenium blood concentrations in patients undergoing elective cardiac surgery and receiving perioperative sodium seleniteStoppe, Ch.; Spillner, J.; Rossaint, R.; Coburn, M.; Schälte, G.; Wildenhues, A.; Marx, G.; Rex, Steffen
2013 Mechanical and tribological behavior of nanostructured copper-alumina cermets obtained by pulsed electric current sinteringZein Eddine, Wassim; Matteazzi, Paolo; Celis, Jean-Pierre
2013 Expert’s interpretation of box plotsLem, Stephanie; Onghena, Patrick; Verschaffel, Lieven; Van Dooren, Wim
2013 Electrical characterization of Cu2ZnSnSe4 solar cells from selenization of sputtered metal layersBrammertz, Guy; Ren, Yi; Buffière, Marie; Mertens, Sofie; Hendrickx, Jurgen; Marko, Hakim; Esmaeil Zaghi, Armin; Lenaers, Nick; Köble, Christine; Vleugels, Jef; Meuris, Marc; Poortmans, Jozef
2013 El grabado flamenco como medio de lenguaje pictórico común en la América virreinal española (siglos XVI-XVII)Esponda de la Campa, Cesar
2013 The slope of the segmental stretch-strain relationship as a novel non-invasive index of LV inotropyJasaityte, Ruta; Claus, Piet; Teske, Arco; Herbots, Lieven; Verheyden, Bart; Jurcut, Ruxandra; Rademakers, Frank; D'hooge, Jan
2013 Modularity and variability of distributed software architectures through multi-view refinement of AO-connectorsOp de beeck, Steven; van Dooren, Marko; Lagaisse, Bert; Joosen, Wouter
2013 Don’t worry, be mindful: Effects of induced worry and mindfulness on respiratory variability in a nonanxious populationVlemincx, Elke; Vigo, Daniel Eduardo; Vansteenwegen, Deb; Van den Bergh, Omer; Van Diest, Ilse
2013 Distributed computation of the Fiedler vector with application to topology inference in ad hoc networksBertrand, Alexander; Moonen, Marc
2013 Derivative estimation with local polynomial fittingDe Brabanter, Kris; De Brabanter, Joseph; Gijbels, Irène; De Moor, Bart
2013 Comprehensive rule-based compliance checking and risk management with process mining decision support systemsCaron, Filip; Vanthienen, Jan; Baesens, Bart
2013 The relation between valence and arousal in subjective experienceKuppens, Peter; Tuerlinckx, Francis; Russell, James A; Barrett, Lisa F
2013 Comment: Appraisal affords flexibility to emotion in more ways than oneKuppens, Peter
2013 Sex Differences in variability in personality: A study in four samplesBorkenau, Peter; Hřebíčková, Martina; Kuppens, Peter; Realo, Anu; Allik, Jüri
2013 Relaxatietherapie in de GGZDe Herdt, Amber; Simons, Johan; Probst, Michel; van Wilgen, C.P. (othereditor); Calders, P. (othereditor); Geraets, J.J. (othereditor); Nijs, J (othereditor); Veenhof, C. (othereditor); van Wegen, E.E. (othereditor)
2013 Lichaamsbeleving en bewegingsdrangProbst, Michel; van Wilgen, C.P. (othereditor); Calders, P. (othereditor); Geraets, J.J. (othereditor); Nijs, J. (othereditor); Veenhof, C. (othereditor); van Wegen, E.E (othereditor)
2013 Cistercian architecture or architecture of the Cistercians?Coomans, Thomas; Birkedal Bruun, Mette (othereditor)
2013 Reflections on Reconstructing Private and Official ArchivesDepauw, Mark; Faraguna, Michele (othereditor)
2013 How Christian was Fourth Century Egypt? Onomastic perspectives on ConversionDepauw, Mark; Clarysse, Willy
2013 Software model synthesis using satisfiability solversHeule, Marijn; Verwer, Sicco
2013 Multibody element for spur and helical gear meshing based on detailed three-dimensional contact calculationsPalermo, Antonio; Mundo, Domenico; Hadjit, Rabah; Desmet, Wim
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