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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
22-Feb-2013 Notch signaling and myogenic potential of human/murine somatic and pluripotent stem cellsQuattrocelli, Mattia; Sampaolesi, Maurilio (supervisor)
21-Feb-2013 Uitbouw van een traject herstel- en ervarignsdeskundigheid in GGZ en onderwijsDebyser, Bart; Deproost, Eddy; Verkest, Annelies; Verhaeghe, Sofie
21-Feb-2013 d3 SKETCH, exhibitionOoms, Tomas
21-Feb-2013 Panic-driven austerity in the Eurozone and its implicationsDe Grauwe, Paul; Ji, Yuemei
21-Feb-2013 Waardecreatie in onderhandelingen: hoe en waarom?Verbeke, Alain Laurent
21-Feb-2013 Zijn vakbonden verouderd? Bijdrage aan programma Hautekiet op Radio 1Van Gyes, Guy
21-Feb-2013 Interaction between religious groups as a strategy for survival and expansion. Case-study: Catholic Jesuits and Hindu Ramakrishna mission in 19th century IndiaDe Vylder, Gerrit; Blackburn, Anne M. (othereditor); Feener, R. Michael (othereditor)
21-Feb-2013 PET imaging in healthy subjects and migraineurs suggests CGRP receptor antagonists do not have to act centrally to achieve clinical efficacyVermeersch, Steve; de Hoon, Jan; De Saint-Hubert, B; Derdelinckx, Inge; Serdons, K; Bormans, Guy; Reynders, T; Declercq, R; De Lepeleire, I; Kennedy, W; Blanchard, R; Marcontonio, E; Hargreaves, R; Li, CC; Sanabria, S; Hostetler, E; Joshi, A; Evelhoch, J; Van Laere, Koen
21-Feb-2013 Capsaicin-induced CGRP-mediated vasodilatation of the human skin: influence of gender, female hormones and migraineVermeersch, Steve; Frederiks, P; Maassen Vanden Brink, A; de Hoon, Jan
21-Feb-2013 Dienstenmarketing in de voetbalsector: ratio versus emotieLagae, Wim
21-Feb-2013 The international arena is increasingly heading towards a multipolar model in which US hegemony is challenged by the EU and China (blog post on, Hanne
21-Feb-2013 Waarden en normen, geen vak apartDeweer, Dries
21-Feb-2013 Small-molecule biodiscovery and pathway elucidation in zebrafishCordero Maldonado, Maria Lorena; de Witte, Peter (supervisor); Huylebroeck, Danny (cosupervisor)
20-Feb-2013 Empowerment. Een uitdagend kader voor sociale inclusie en moderne zorgVan Regenmortel, Tine
20-Feb-2013 Guidelines for Privacy-Friendly Default SettingsAusloos, Jef
20-Feb-2013 Gender Justice. An Investigation into Catholic Socia l Teachngs and the Writings of Lisa Sowle CahillPunnaplackal, James; Selling, Joseph (supervisor)
20-Feb-2013 Radial error motion of porous gas bearings: theoretical modelling and experimental validationCappa, Steven; Reynaerts, Dominiek; Al-Bender, Farid
20-Feb-2013 RapidArc, SmartArc and TomoHD compared with classical step and shoot and sliding window intensity modulated radiotherapy in an oropharyngeal cancer treatment plan comparisonVan Gestel, Dirk; van Vliet-Vroegindeweij, Corine; Van den Heuvel, Frank; Crijns, Wouter; Coelmont, Ann; De Ost, Bie; Holt, Andrea; Lamers, Emmy; Geussens, Yasmyne; Nuyts, Sandra; Van den Weyngaert, Danielle; Van den Wyngaert, Tim; Vermorken, Jan B; Gregoire, Vincent
20-Feb-2013 Alternative education: Examining the effects of alternative educational approaches on student achievement, academic motivation and engagement in Flemish primary schoolsde Bilde, Jerissa; Van Damme, Jan (supervisor); De Fraine, Beatrijs (cosupervisor)
20-Feb-2013 The impact of visual perceptual learning on sleep and local slow wave initiationMascetti, Laura; Muto, Vincenzo; Matarazzo, Luca; Foret, Ariane; Ziegler, Erik; Albouy, Genevieve; Sterpenich, Virginie; Schmidt, Christina; Degueldre, Christian; Leclercq, Yves; Philips, Christophe; Luxen, Andre; Vandewalle, Gilles; Vogels, Rufin; Maquet, Pierre; Baltau, Evelyne
20-Feb-2013 Analyzing 'organizational justice'. An explorative study on the specification and differentiation of concepts in the social sciencesDelbeke, Karlien; Hondeghem, Annie (supervisor); Maesschalck, Jeroen (cosupervisor)
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