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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Mar-2014 Wastewater management in Ethiopian higher learning institutions: functionality, sustainability and policy contextHaddis, Alemayehu; De Geyter, Adriaan; Smets, Ilse; Van der Bruggen, Bart
28-Feb-2014 StatementVan Gelder, Hilde
28-Feb-2014 The influence of particle characteristics on the passivation of UO2 powderLeinders, Gregory; Binnemans, Koen; Cardinaels, Thomas; Verwerft, Marc
28-Feb-2014 Comparative genomic and transcriptomic analyses of LNCaP and C4-2B prostate cancer cell linesSpans, Lien; Helsen, Christine; Clinckemalie, Liesbeth; Van den Broeck, Thomas; Prekovic, Stefan; Joniau, Steven; Lerut, Evelyne; Claessens, Frank
28-Feb-2014 Playing with a Galant Cliché: The 'Marpurg Cadence' in Schubert's D. 537, iiiLodewyckx, David
28-Feb-2014 Development of a protocol for studying premature onset of fear responding: The effects of CS duration and counting behaviorBoddez, Yannick; Gijbels, Joke; Baeyens, Frank; Beckers, Tom
28-Feb-2014 Transformation of nanoscale metal oxide films into MOF films for application as low-k dielectrics in microelectronicsStassen, Ivo; Krishtab, Mikhail; Baklanov, Mikhail; Vereecken, Philippe; De Vos, Dirk; Ameloot, Rob
28-Feb-2014 Pre-purification of hydrophobin HFBII based on the surface active propertiesKhalesi, Mohammadreza; Mandelings, Nathalie; Riveros Galan, David Santiago; Gebruers, Kurt; Verachtert, Hubert; Delvigne, Frank; Derdelinckx, Guy
28-Feb-2014 Fietshelm verplicht tot 16 jaar?Depreitere, Bart
28-Feb-2014 Islam: kennismaking met een wereldreligieAlsulaiman, Abied
28-Feb-2014 Financiële producten die morele grenzen overschrijden worden terecht verbodenEngelen, Bart
28-Feb-2014 Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems: new challenges and methaheuristic solutions for large-scale network applicationsViti, Francesco; Tampère, Chris
28-Feb-2014 Influence of domestic hot water demand profiles on energy performance of combined solar thermal and heat pump systems (accepted)Verheyen, Jan; Sourbron, Maarten
28-Feb-2014 Device Architecture and Materials for Organic Ferroelectric Memory Arrays (Architectuur en materialen voor organische ferro-elektrische geheugenbanken)Kam, Benjamin; Heremans, Paul (supervisor); Gelinck, Gerwin (cosupervisor)
28-Feb-2014 Dynamic Origin-Destination Matrix Estimation on Large-Scale Congested Networks Using A Hierarchical Decomposition SchemeFrederix, Rodric; Viti, Francesco; Himpe, Willem; Tampère, Chris
27-Feb-2014 Een Vlaams justitieel beleid?Aertsen, Ivo
27-Feb-2014 Cyberpesten: het juridisch kader in BelgieLievens, Eva
27-Feb-2014 Oxometalates as artificial proteases: sequence versus region selectivityStroobants, Karen; Ho, Phuong Hien; Moelants, Eva; Bruylants, Gilles; Proost, Paul; Absillis, Gregory; Parac-Vogt, Tatjana
27-Feb-2014 Why is there a Present-day English absolute?van de Pol, Nikki; Petré, Peter; Cuyckens, Hubert
27-Feb-2014 De IslamAlsulaiman, Abied
27-Feb-2014 Exploiting Expert Information in Multivariate Calibration of an Implantable Glucose SensorSharma, Sandeep; Ramon, Herman (supervisor); Saeys, Wouter (supervisor); Ramon, Herman (supervisor)
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