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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2013 Electrochemical determination of the cupric ion activity in aqueous acidic cupric sulfate electrolytesAtanasova, Tanya; Strubbe, Katrien; Vereecken, Philippe
2013 The dual tagging approach of the Modern Arabic Representative Corpus 2000 (MARC-2000)Van Mol, Mark; Atwell, Eric (othereditor)
2013 Electrical characterization of CNT contacts with Cu damascene top contactvan der Veen, Marleen; Vereecke, Bart; Huyghebaert, Cedric; Cott, Daire; Masahito, S; Kashiwagi, Y; Teugels, Lieve; Caluwaerts, Rudi; Chiodarelli, Nicolo'; Vereecken, Philippe; Beyer, Gerald; Heyns, Marc; De Gendt, Stefan; Zsolt, Tokei
2013 Effects of Rhizophagus irregularis MUCL 41833 on the reproduction of Radopholus similis in banana plantlets grown under in vitro culture conditionsKoffi, M.-C.; Vos, Christine; Draye, X.; Declerck, S.
2013 Shared grammaticalization: With special focus on the Transeurasian languagesRobbeets, Martine (editor); Cuyckens, Hubert (editor)
2013 Gradualness in change in English augmented absolutesvan de Pol, Nikki; Cuyckens, Hubert; Giacalone Ramat, Anna (othereditor); Mauri, Caterina (othereditor); Molinelli, Piera (othereditor)
2013 Surface Nanostructuring and Silanization for Improved Fiber Optic - SPR BiosensingArghir, Iulia; Knez, Karel; Janssen, Kris; Decrop, Deborah; Spasic, Dragana; Lammertyn, Jeroen
2013 Hygrothermal optimisation of museum storage spacesJanssen, Hans; Christensen, Jørgen Erik
2013 The Determinants of Organized Crime: Some Initial ReflectionsPaoli, Letizia
2013 De bijdrage van René Draguet en Louis Charlier aan de reflectie over de speculatieve theologieDe Pril, Ward; Mettepenningen, Jürgen (othereditor); Kenis, Leo (othereditor)
2013 Design, fabrication and testing of wafer-level thin film vacuum packages for MEMS based on nanoporous alumina membranesZekry, Joseph; Tezcan, Deniz; Cherman, Vladimir; Pedreira, Olalla; Wang, Bo; El Ghannudi, Hamza; Celis, Jean-Pierre; Puers, Bob; Van Hoof, Chris; Tilmans, Harrie
2013 Des évènements aux faits: quelles différences? Apport des études sur la grammaticalisationCharolles, M.; Lamiroy, Béatrice; Londei, D. (othereditor); Moirant, S. (othereditor); Reboul-Touré, S. (othereditor); Regiani, L. (othereditor)
2013 Sexualization of adolescent boys: Media exposure and boys’ internalization of appearance ideals, self-objectification and body surveillanceVandenbosch, Laura; Eggermont, Steven
2013 Dynamics in the Europe-Japan RelationVanoverbeke, Dimitri
2013 EU-Japan Relations, 1970-2012: From Confrontation to Global PartnershipVanoverbeke, Dimitri (editor); Keck, Joern (editor); Waldenberger, Franz (editor)
2013 Pre-trauma individual differences in extinction learning predict posttraumatic stressLommen, M. J. J; Engelhard, I. M; Sijbrandij, M; van den Hout, M. A; Hermans, Dirk
2013 Cued reacquisition trials during extinction weaken contextual renewal in human predictive learningEffting, M.; Vervliet, Bram; Beckers, Tom; Kindt, M.
2013 A meta-analysis of the effects of plant traits and geographical scale on the magnitude of adaptive differentiation as measured by the difference between QST and FSTDe Kort, Hanne; Vandepitte, Katrien; Honnay, Olivier
2013 Un dimanche pas comme les autresVerdin, Joris
2013 The Mahillon Oboe d'Amore as used in Bach's Matthew's Passion by GevaertVerdin, Joris; Verdegem, Stefaan (editor)
2013 Constraint propagation for first-order logic and inductive definitionsWittocx, Johan; Denecker, Marc; Bruynooghe, Maurice
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