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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Mar-2013 The efficacy of tenofovir and efavirenz in combination with lamivudine or emtricitabine in clinical practice in EuropeSwartz, J.E.; Vercauteren, Jurgen; wesning, a.m.j.
Mar-2013 Remobilisation features and structural control on ore grade distribution at the Konkola stratiform Cu-Co ore deposit, ZambiaTorremans, Koen; Gauquie, Johanna; Boyce, Adrian J.; Barrie, Craig D.; Dewaele, Stijn; Sikazwe, Osbert Ntinda; Muchez, Philippe
Mar-2013 Three-dimensional shape coding in grasping circuits: a comparison between the Anterior Intraparietal area and ventral premotor area F5aTheys, Tom; Pani, Pierpaolo; van Loon, Johan; Goffin, Jan; Janssen, Peter
Mar-2013 From NURBS to NURPS geometriesSpeleers, Hendrik; Manni, Carla; Pelosi, Francesca
Mar-2013 Imaging biomarkers for myocardial function. Special Focus Session (SF12): Quantitative imaging markers in cardiac radiologyBogaert, Jan
Mar-2013 Valvular heart disease. Mini Course: Organs from A to Z. Session title: Non-ischaemic heart diseaseBogaert, Jan
Mar-2013 Pitfalls in heart imaging: MRI - interactive teaching session E3 820aBogaert, Jan
Mar-2013 CNS effects of indomethacin, should patients be cautioned about decreased mental alertness and motor coordination?Hegeman, Judith; van den Bemt, Bart; Weerdesteyn, Vivian; Nienhuis, Bart; van Limbeek, Jacques; Duysens, Jaak
Mar-2013 Phylogenetic distribution of protease inhibitors of the Kazal-family within the Arthropodavan Hoef, Vincent; Breugelmans, Bert; Spit, Jornt; Simonet, Gert; Zels, Sven; Vanden Broeck, Jozef
Mar-2013 Diagnosis of autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome caused by FAS deficiency in adultsLambotte, Olivier; Neven, Benedicte; Galicier, Lionel; Magerus-Chatinet, Aude; Schleinitz, Nicolas; Hermine, Olivier; Meyts, Isabelle; Picard, Capucine; Godeau, Bertrand; Fischer, Alain; Rieux-Laucat, Frederic
Mar-2013 Validation of the continuous glucose monitoring sensor in preterm infantsBeardsall, K; Vanhaesebrouck, Sophie; Ogilvy-Stuart, A L; Vanhole, Christine; Vanweissenbruch, M; Midgley, P; Thio, M; Cornette, Luc; Ossuetta, I; Palmer, C R; Iglesias, I; de Jong, M; Gill, B; de Zegher, Francis; Dunger, D B
Mar-2013 Intratunical Injection of Human Adipose Tissue-derived Stem Cells Prevents Fibrosis and Is Associated with Improved Erectile Function in a Rat Model of Peyronie's DiseaseCastiglione, Fabio; Hedlund, Petter; Van der Aa, Frank; Bivalacqua, Trinity J; Rigatti, Patrizio; Van Poppel, Hendrik; Montorsi, Francesco; De Ridder, Dirk; Albersen, Maarten
Mar-2013 SNP discovery using Paired End RAD-tag sequencing on pooled genomic DNA of Sisymbrium austriacum (Brassicaceae)Vandepitte, Katrien; Honnay, Olivier; Breyne, P; Mergeay, Joachim; Roldan-Ruiz, Isabel; De Meyer, T
Mar-2013 Introductie van WAIS-IV-NL in de klinisch-wetenschappelijke psychodiagnostische praktijkBastiaens, Tim; Sebreghts, Birgit; Gielen, Leen; Van Broekhoven, Mia; De Hert, Marc
Mar-2013 Social Media affecting Tour Operators' Customer LoyaltySenders, Astrid; Govers, Robert; Neuts, Bart
Mar-2013 SenseWear-Determined Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior and Metabolic SyndromeScheers, Tineke; Philippaerts, Renaat; Lefevre, Johan
Mar-2013 Do stock prices contain predictive power for the future economic activity?Croux, Christophe; Reusens, Peter
Mar-2013 Reliability of head and trunk kinematics during gait in children with spastic diplegiaHeyrman, Lieve; Feys, Hilde; Molenaers, Guy; Jaspers, Ellen; Van De Walle, Patricia; Monari, Davide; Aertbeliën, Erwin; Desloovere, Kaat
Mar-2013 Structural basis of bacterial defense against g-type lysozyme-based innate immunityLeysen, Seppe; Vanderkelen, Lise; Weeks, Stephen; Michiels, Chris; Strelkov, Sergei
Mar-2013 Menstrual Disturbances During Electroconvulsive Therapy: the Forgotten Adverse Effect: Case Report and Review of the LiteratureSienaert, Pascal; Geeraerts, Ineke
Mar-2013 Epidemiology and phylogenetic analysis of VP7 and VP4 genes of rotaviruses circulating in Rawalpindi, Pakistan during 2010Tamim, Sana; Hasan, F; Matthijnssens, Jelle; Sharif, S; Shaukat, S; Alam, MM; Angez, M; Suleman Rana, MM; Khurshid, A; Zaidi, SSZ
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