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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2013 The problem of Normativity in the Scope of the Mordern State of the Development of Literary LanguagesSoldatjenkova, Tatjana
2013 Acinetobacter nectaris sp nov and Acinetobacter boissieri sp nov., isolated from floral nectar of wild Mediterranean insect-pollinated plantsAlvarez-Perez, Sergio; Lievens, Bart; Jacquemyn, Hans; Herrera, Carlos M.
2013 Contributions of covariance: Decomposing the components of stochastic population growth in Cypripedium calceolusDavison, R; Nicolé, F; Jacquemyn, Hans; Tuljapurkar, S
2013 Performance of evidence-based youth psychotherapies compared to usual clinical care: A multi-level meta-analysisWeisz, J.R.; Kuppens, Sofie; Eckshtain, D.; Ugueto, A.; Jensen-Doss, A.; Hawley, K.M.
2013 A systematic review of sperm donors: demographic characteristics, attitudes, motives and experiences of the process of sperm donationVan den Broeck, Uschi; Vandermeeren, M; Vanderschueren, Dirk; Enzlin, Paul; Demyttenaere, Koen; D'Hooghe, Thomas
2013 A three-stage approach for aircraft line maintenance personnel rostering using MIP, discrete event simulation and DEAVan den Bergh, Jorne; De Bruecker, Philippe; Belien, Jeroen; De Boeck, Liesje; Demeulemeester, Erik
2013 Europeanisering en de betrokkenheid van werknemers. Is er nog ruimte voor een sociaal Europa?Pulignano, Valeria; Kluge, Norbert; Dekocker, Vickie
2013 Personnel scheduling: a literature reviewVan den Bergh, Jorne; Belien, Jeroen; De Bruecker, Philippe; Demeulemeester, Erik; De Boeck, Liesje
2013 Integrated staffing and scheduling for an aircraft line maintenance problemBelien, Jeroen; Demeulemeester, Erik; De Bruecker, Philippe; Van den Bergh, Jorne; Cardoen, Brecht
2013 The best time to invest in photovoltaic panels in FlandersBelien, Jeroen; De Boeck, Liesje; Colpaert, Jan; Cooman, Gert
2013 Optimizing the facility location design of organ transplant centersBelien, Jeroen; De Boeck, Liesje; Colpaert, Jan; Devesse, Stijn; Van den Bossche, Filip
2013 Teaching integer programming starting from an energy supply gameBelien, Jeroen; Colpaert, Jan; De Boeck, Liesje; Eyckmans, Johan; Leirens, W.
2013 Combination of laccase and catalase in construction of H2O2-O-2 based biocathode for applications in glucose biofuel cellsAmmam, Malika; Fransaer, Jan
2013 De l'inventaire à la vie. Quelques réflexions préparatoires à une biographie du Cardinal WillebrandsSchelkens, Karim; Declerck, Leo (othereditor)
2013 From Superno Dei Nutu to Regimini Ecclesiae. The Secretariat for Christian Unity and the 1968 Reform of the Roman CuriaSchelkens, Karim; Regoli, Roberto (othereditor); van Geest, Paul (othereditor)
2013 A war on metaphysics. Positivism and the radicalization of Dutch modernismWils, Kaat; Kenis, Leo (othereditor); Van der Wall, Ernestine (othereditor)
2013 The accessibility arc upgrading problemMaya Duque, P.; Coene, Sofie; Goos, Peter; Sörensen, K.; Spieksma, Frits
2013 Goodness-of-fit tests for the frailty distribution in proportional hazards models with shared frailtyGeerdens, Candida; Claeskens, Gerda; Janssen, Paul
2013 Active trace clustering for improved process discoveryDe Weerdt, Jochen; vanden Broucke, Seppe; Vanthienen, Jan; Baesens, Bart
2013 Stayin' Alive. Christoph Marthalers Riesenbutzbach. Eine Dauerkolonie als post-melodramatisches ‚Spiel vor Traurigen‘Philipsen, Bart; Eschkötter, Daniel (othereditor); Menke, Bettine (othereditor); Schäfer, Armine (othereditor)
2013 "I might get your heart racing in my skin-tight jeans": Sexualization on music entertainment televisionVandenbosch, Laura; Vervloessem, Dorien; Eggermont, Steven
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