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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Aug-2014 From the wizard to the doubter: Prototypes of scientists and engineers in fiction and non-fiction media aimed at Dutch children and teenagersVan Gorp, Baldwin; Emons, Pascale; Rommes, Els
Aug-2014 Electrical modulation emphasis improves perception of interaural time differences with bimodal stimulationFrancart, Tom; Lenssen, Anneke; Wouters, Jan
Aug-2014 How to reach Members of Parliament? Citizens and Members of Parliament on the Effectiveness of Political Participation RepertoiresHooghe, Marc; Marien, Sofie
Aug-2014 Analyzing the efficiency of context-based grouping on collaboration in VANETs with large-scale simulationParidel, Koosha; Mantadelis, Theofrastos; Yasar, Ansar-Ul-Haque; Preuveneers, Davy; Janssens, Gerda; Vanrompay, Yves; Berbers, Yolande
Aug-2014 Compactness and Flow Minimization Requirements in Reforestation Initiatives: A Heuristic Solution MethodVanegas Peralta, Pablo Fernando; Cattrysse, Dirk; Wijffels, Anja; Van Orshoven, Jos
31-Jul-2014 D5 - Learning Material Adaptation PlanVandenbroucke, Danny; Vancauwenberghe, Glenn; Östman, Anders; Saio, Georgio; Marchese, Alessandra; Cipollini, Carlo; Martirano, Giacomo; Prüller, Stefan
31-Jul-2014 Kwame Nkrumah and Pan-Africanism as an Interventionist Ideology in the Global Cold War (1957-1963)Gerits, Frank
31-Jul-2014 Magnetic glass ceramics by sintering of borosilicate glass and inorganic wastePonsot, Inès M. M. M.; Pontikes, Yiannis; Baldi, Giovanni; Chinnam, Rama K.; Detsch, Rainer; Boccaccini, Aldo R.; Bernardo, Enrico
31-Jul-2014 Analytical geometry of modified involute gears generated by means of rack-type cuttersBlockmans, Bart
31-Jul-2014 Newspaper coverage of biobanksOgbogu, Ubaka; Toews, Maeghan; Ollenberger, Adam; Borry, Pascal; Nobile, Helene; Bergmann, Manuela; Caulfield, Timothy
31-Jul-2014 Honderd jaar na Jean JaurèsHooghe, Marc
30-Jul-2014 The Retinotopic Organization of Macaque Occipitotemporal Cortex Anterior to V4 and Caudoventral to the Middle Temporal (MT) ClusterKolster, Hauke; Janssens, Thomas; Orban, Guy; Vanduffel, Wim
29-Jul-2014 TomorrowLanden 2014Vrielink, Jogchum
29-Jul-2014 Effects of Water Molecules on Rearrangements of Formamide on the Kaolinite Basal (001) SurfaceNguyen, Thi Huyen; Nguyen, Minh
29-Jul-2014 Influence of Cr doping on the stability and structure of small cobalt oxide clustersTung, Nguyen Thanh; Nguyen, Minh Tam; Nguyen, Minh; Lievens, Peter; Janssens, Ewald
28-Jul-2014 Measuring the crowd within again: A pre-registered replication studySteegen, Sara; Dewitte, Laura; Tuerlinckx, Francis; Vanpaemel, Wolf
28-Jul-2014 Hoeveel vroege schoolverlaters heeft deze school? Een nieuwe indicator waarin elke leerling meeteltVan Landeghem, Georges; De Fraine, Bieke; Gielen, Sarah; Van Damme, Jan
28-Jul-2014 Turismiantropoloog: Majanduskriis on viinud paradoksideniSalazar, Noel B.; Krause, Franz (editor)
28-Jul-2014 Uncertainties in Impact Assessment of Climate Change on Rainfall Extremes in the Lake Victoria BasinOnyutha, Charles; Nyeko-Ogiramoi, Paul; Willems, Patrick
28-Jul-2014 Kiezen tussen een diploma en Tomorrowland? Studenten werken nu al keihard om hun opleiding te bekostigenBuysse, Lieven
28-Jul-2014 Characterization of G protein-coupled receptors by a fluorescence-based calcium mobilization assayCaers, Jelle; Peymen, Katleen; Suetens, Nick; Temmerman, Liesbet; Janssen, Tom; Schoofs, Liliane; Beets, Isabel
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