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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
7-Sep-2013 Effects of combined chemical admixtures on cement paste rheologyLesage, Karel; Cizer, Özlem; Vandewalle, Lucie; Desmet, Bram; Deschutter, Geert; Vantomme, John
6-Sep-2013 Restorative justice practices in conflicts in intercultural settingsTörzs, Edit
6-Sep-2013 From a Community Business to an Open Market: the Evolution of the Distribution of Doping Products in Belgian and French CyclingFincoeur, Bertrand
6-Sep-2013 Distributional Semantics: measuring (lectal) variation at token levelWielfaert, Thomas
6-Sep-2013 Assessing the Harms of Cannabis Cultivation in BelgiumKersten, Loes; Paoli, Letizia; Decorte, Tom; van Dun, Evelien; Heyde, Julie
6-Sep-2013 Which Organized Crime Activities Are Most Harmful and Deserve Being Prioritized?Paoli, Letizia; Greenfield, Victoria A
6-Sep-2013 The Next Phase of Newborn Screening : Whole Genome Sequencing?Borry, Pascal; Sénécal, Karine
6-Sep-2013 Register and lexicon in new media in DutchDaems, Jocelyne
6-Sep-2013 A review of guidelines for collaboration in substance misuse managementVan Royen, K; Remmen, R; Vanmeerbeek, M; Godderis, Lode; Mairiaux, P; Peremans, L
6-Sep-2013 Search Engines after 'Google Spain': Internet@Liberty or Privacy@Peril?Van Alsenoy, Brendan; Kuczerawy, Aleksandra; Ausloos, Jef
6-Sep-2013 Particle on a Boron Disk: Ring Currents and Disk Aromaticity in B202-Truong, Ba Tai; Havenith, Remco W.A.; Teunissen, Jos L.; Dok, Ahmet R.; Hallaert, Simon D.; Nguyen, Minh; Ceulemans, Arnout
6-Sep-2013 Decay of 185 Tl, 185m+gHg, 189m+gPb and energy location of the 13/2+ isomeric states in 185Hg, 189Pb, 193Po and 197RnSauvage, J.; Roussiere, B.; Genevey, J.; Franchoo, S.; Andreyev, A.N.; Barre, N.; Braham, A. Ben; Bourgeois, C.; Clavelin, J.-F.; De Witte, Hilde; Federov, D. V.; Fedoseyev, V. N.; Fraile, L. M.; Grave, X.; Huber, G.; Huyse, Mark; Kilcher, P.; Koster, U.; Kunz, P.; Lesher, S. R.; ...
6-Sep-2013 ALTERNATIVE: Looking at justice and security through restorative justice approachesAertsen, Ivo; Vanfraechem, Inge
6-Sep-2013 Luting ceramics to tooth structure, focus on the cement-tooth interfaceVan Meerbeek, Bart
6-Sep-2013 Translucency, curing efficiency and hardness of bulk-fill compositesMiletic, V.; Pongprueksa, Pong; De Munck, Jan; Van Meerbeek, Bart
6-Sep-2013 Non-destructive analysis of the displacement and strain in composite restorationsVan Ende, Annelies; Van de Casteele, Elke; Depypere, Maarten; Wevers, Martine; De Munck, Jan; Maes, Frederik; Van Meerbeek, Bart
6-Sep-2013 The influence of methacrylate monomers on growth of cariogenic bacteriaNedeljkovic, Ivana; Yoshihara, Kumiko; Loozen, G.; Teughels, Wim; Van Meerbeek, Bart; Van Landuyt, Kirsten
6-Sep-2013 Correlative micro-Raman/EPMA analysis of the calcium-silicate cement interface with dentinDe Munck, Jan; Li, X.; Pongprueksa, Pong; Van Ende, Annelies; Van Meerbeek, Bart
6-Sep-2013 Heterochronic genes in plant evolution and developmentGeuten, Koen; Coenen, Heleen
6-Sep-2013 Intergrating a multi-segment foot model in simulation of gait to better understand plantar pressure distributionAerts, Wouter; Burg, Fien; De Groote, Friedl; Vander Sloten, Jos; Jonkers, Ilse
6-Sep-2013 Electrodeposition of metals, alloys and composite materials from acetamide-dimethyl sulfone eutectic meltsMurugan, Ganapathi; Binnemans, Koen (supervisor); Fransaer, Jan (supervisor)
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