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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2014 Endogenous market structures and innovation by leaders: an empirical testCzarnitzki, Dirk; Etro, Federico; Kraft, Kornelius
2014 On random sample size, ignorability, ancillarity, completeness, separability, and degeneracy: sequential trials, random sample size, and missing dataMolenberghs, Geert; Kenward, M.G.; Aerts, M.; Verbeke, Geert; Tsiatis, A; Davidian, M; Rizopoulos, D
2014 Micro-level stochastic loss reserving in general insuranceAntonio, Katrien; Plat, H.J.
2014 Review of Alexander Onysko & Sascha Michel (eds.), Cognitive perspectives on word formation. Berlin and New York: Mouton de Gruyter, 2010. viii+431pp. ISBN 978-3-11-022359-0Heyvaert, Liesbet
2014 Political reforms and public policy: evidence from agricultural and food policiesOlper, A.; Falkowski, J.; Swinnen, Jo
2014 Psychiatric comorbidity in adults with gender identity disorderGijs, Luk; De Cuypere, Griet; van de Putten-Bierman, Ellis; Kreukels, Baudewijntje (othereditor); Steensma, Thomas (othereditor); De Vries, Annelou (othereditor); Meana, Martha (series)
2014 Care for adults with gender identity disorderDe Cuypere, Griet; Gijs, Luk; Kreukels, Baudewijntje (othereditor); Steensma, Thomas (othereditor); De Vries, Annelou (othereditor); Meana, Martha (series)
2014 Constructions and Environments: Copular, Passive, and Related Constructions in Old and Middle EnglishPetré, Peter; Nevalainen, Terttu (series)
2014 Spatial variation in soil humidity - implications for yield and mirrigation management of "Conference" pearOdeurs, W.; Janssens, P.; Deckers, Tom; Verjans, W.; Van Beek, Jonathan; Coppin, Pol; Vandendriessche, Hilde
2014 Hard economic times: A dream for discountersLamey, Lien
2014 Una digressione di un archeologo classico? Gösta Säflund e la sua monografia sulle terramare (1939)Danckers, Jonas; Guidi, Alessandro (othereditor)
2014 Una ‘prima’ sintesi dimenticata? Lo studioso russo Basilio Modestov ed i suoi libri sulla pre- e protostoria italiana (in russo 1902-1904, traduzione francese 1907)Danckers, Jonas; Guidi, Alessandro (othereditor)
2014 Scambio di oggetti, scambio di idee? Contatti internazionali tra pre- e protostorici nella seconda metà dell’800 in Europa. Il caso Belgio – ItaliaDanckers, Jonas; Toune, Bastien; Guidi, Alessandro (othereditor)
2014 Permutation tests in the educational and behavioral sciences: A systematic reviewHuo, Ming; Heyvaert, Mieke; Van Den Noortgate, Wim; Onghena, Patrick
2014 The distribution of functional types of clefts in adverbial clausesLahousse, Karen; Borremans, Marijke
2014 Subjective probabilities need not be sharpChandler, Jacob
2014 How nouns turn into adjectives. The emergence of new adjectives in French, English and Dutch through debonding processesVan Goethem, Kristel; De Smet, Hendrik
2014 Self-perceived employability, organization-rated potential, and the psychological contractDries, Nicky; Forrier, Anneleen; De Vos, Ans; Pepermans, Roland
2014 The Job Insecurity Scale: A psychometric evaluation across five European countriesVander Elst, Tinne; De Witte, Hans; De Cuyper, Nele
2014 'Time is not enough'. Workload in higher education: A student perspectiveKyndt, Eva; Berghmans, Inneke; Dochy, Filip; Bulckens, Lydwin
2014 Numerical simulation of the insertion process of an uncemented hip prosthesis in order to evaluate the influence of residual stress and contact distribution on the stem initial stabilityMonea, Aida Georgeta; Pastrav, Leonard; Mulier, Michiel; Van der Perre, Georges; Jaecques, Siegfried V
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