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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Apr-2013 Tools for reporting and evaluating single-case experimental studies: Focus on randomization and data-analysis issuesHeyvaert, Mieke; Onghena, Patrick
Apr-2013 Two-year evaluation of the MiniArc in obese versus non-obese patients for treatment of stress urinary incontinenceMoore, Robert D; De Ridder, Dirk; Kennelly, Michael J
Apr-2013 Can training improve laypersons helping behaviour in first aid? A randomised controlled deception trialVan de Velde, Stijn; Roex, Ann; Vangronsveld, Karoline; Niezink, Lidewij; Van Praet, Koen; Heselmans, Annemie; Donceel, Peter; Vandekerckhove, Philippe; Ramaekers, Dirk; Aertgeerts, Bert
Apr-2013 Impact of External Resistance and Maximal Effort on Force-Velocity Characteristics of the Knee Extensors during Strengthening Exercise: a Randomized Controlled ExperimentVan Roie, Evelien; Bautmans, Ivan; Boonen, Steven; Coudyzer, Walter; Kennis, Eva; Delecluse, Christophe
Apr-2013 Caucasian children's fat mass: routine anthropometry v. air-displacement plethysmographyMichels, Nathalie; Huybrechts, Inge; Bammann, Karin; Lissner, Lauren; Moreno, Luis; Peeters, Maarten; Sioen, Isabelle; Vanaelst, Barbara; Vyncke, Krishna; De Henauw, Stefaan
Apr-2013 The selective BH4-domain biology of Bcl-2-family members: IP(3)Rs and beyondMonaco, Giovanni; Vervliet, Tim; Akl, Haidar; Bultynck, Geert
Apr-2013 Progressive muscle relaxation in persons with schizophrenia: a systematic review of randomized controlled trialsVancampfort, Davy; Correll, Christoph U; Scheewe, Thomas W; Probst, Michel; De Herdt, Amber; Knapen, Jan; De Hert, Marc
Apr-2013 Creativity and Psychiatric Illness: The Search for a Missing Link - An Historical Context for Current ResearchThys, E; Sabbe, B; De Hert, Marc
Apr-2013 Relationships between physical fitness, physical activity, smoking and metabolic and mental health parameters in people with schizophreniaVancampfort, Davy; Probst, Michel; Scheewe, Thomas; De Herdt, Amber; Sweers, Kim; Knapen, Jan; van Winkel, Ruud; De Hert, Marc
Apr-2013 Spirituality in palliative home care: a framework for the clinicianVermandere, Mieke; De Lepeleire, Jan; Van Mechelen, Wouter; Warmenhoven, Franca; Thoonsen, Bregje; Aertgeerts, Bert
Apr-2013 Is chemotherapy during the first trimester of pregnancy really safe?Han, Sileny; Mhallem Gziri, Mina; Van Calsteren, Kristel; Amant, Frédéric
Apr-2013 Soluble metal pool as affected by soil addition with organic inputsHernandez Soriano, Maria; Peña, Aranzazu; Mingorance, Maria Dolores
Apr-2013 Cardiovascular drugs and cancer: of competing risk, smallpox, Bernoulli, and d'AlembertMesserli, Franz H; Bangalore, Sripal; Torp-Pedersen, Christian; Staessen, Jan A; Kostis, John B
Apr-2013 Enhanced cardiac perception is associated with increased susceptibility to framing effectsSütterlin, Stefan; Schulz, Stefan M.; Stumpf, Theresa; Pauli, Paul; Vögele, Claus
Apr-2013 Tongue cancers during pregnancy: cases reports and review of literatureMhallem Gziri, Mina; Han, Sileny; Van Calsteren, Kristel; Heyns, L; Delaere, Pierre; Nuyts, Sandra; Van den Heuvel, Frank; Cheron, A.C.; Fossion, Eric; Van Den Weyngaert, D; Lok, C; Amant, Frédéric
Apr-2013 The influence of municipal characteristics on the use of informal home care and home care services by the elderly FlemishDemaerschalk, Melanie F; Vanden Boer, Lut E; Bronselaer, Joost L; Molenberghs, Geert; Declercq, Anja
Apr-2013 Arthroscopic bone block augmentation of the anterior glenoid through the rotator interval: a cadaveric feasibility studyVerborgt, Olivier; Van den Bogaert, Gert; Debeer, Philippe
Apr-2013 Out of sight, out of mind? Implications of routing religiously dressed employees away from front-office positions in EuropeKatayoun Alidadi, Katayoun
Apr-2013 Three-dimensional Knee Kinematics by Conventional Gait Analysis for Eleven Motor Tasks of Daily Living: Typical Patterns and RepeatabilityScheys, Lennart; Leardini, Alberto; Wong, Pius D; Van Camp, Laurent; Callewaert, Barbara; Bellemans, Johan; Desloovere, Kaat
Apr-2013 Deconstructing the familiality of variability in momentary negative and positive affectJacobs, N; Menne-Lothmann, C; Derom, Cathérine; Thiery, E; van Os, J; Wichers, M
Apr-2013 External evaluation of population pharmacokinetic models of vancomycin in neonates: the transferability of published models to different clinical settingsZhao, Wei; Kaguelidou, Florentia; Biran, Valérie; Zhang, Daolun; Allegaert, Karel; Capparelli, Edmund; van den Anker, John; Fakhoury, May; Jacqz-Aigrain, Evelyne
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