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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
30-Apr-2013 Predicting general academic performance using artificial neural networks: Implications for “early-warning” diagnostic and placement applicationsMusso, Mariel; Kyndt, Eva; Cascallar, Eduardo
29-Apr-2013 De harmonisatie van het Europees burgerlijk procesrecht vanuit rechtshistorisch perspectiefDruwé, Wouter
29-Apr-2013 High-resolution electron spin resonance analysis of ion bombardment induced defects in advanced low-kappa insulators (kappa=2.0-2.5)Afanas'ev, Valeri; Nguyen, A. P. D; Houssa, Michel; Stesmans, Andre; Tokei, Zs; Baklanov, M. R
29-Apr-2013 Determinanten van participatie aan volwasseneneducatieNicaise, Ides
29-Apr-2013 Tegenwerk voor MerkelRochtus, Dirk
29-Apr-2013 On Aristotle's controversial acceptance of the principle of plenitude in Metaphysics Theta, 4Gili, Luca
29-Apr-2013 Microalgae: a potential source to enrich eggs with omega-3 fatty acidsLemahieu, Charlotte; Bruneel, Charlotte; Termote-Verhalle, Romina; Buyse, Johan; Muylaert, Koenraad; Foubert, Imogen
29-Apr-2013 α decay of the very neutron-deficient isotopes 197–199FrKalaninova, Z.; Andreyev, A. N.; Antalic, S.; Heßberger, F. P.; Ackermann, D.; Andel, B.; Drummond, M. C.; Hofmann, S.; Huyse, Mark; Kindler, B.; Lane, J. F. W.; Liberati, V.; Lommel, B.; Page, R. D.; Rapisarda, Elisa; Sandhu, K.; Saro, S.; Thornthwaite, A.; Van Duppen, Piet
29-Apr-2013 Preoperative analysis of the stability of fit of a patient-specific surgical guideVan den Broeck, Joyce; Wirix-Speetjens, Roel; Vander Sloten, Jos
29-Apr-2013 De leveringsplicht bij de overdracht van roerende lichamelijke goederen.del Corral, Julie; Sagaert, Vincent (supervisor); Verbeke, Alain Laurent (cosupervisor)
29-Apr-2013 Protection against Ca2+-mediated apoptosis by Bcl-2 versus Bcl-Xl proteins: A close-up of the BH4 domain/inositol 1,4,5- trisphosphate receptor liaisonMonaco, Giovanni; Bultynck, Geert (supervisor); De Smedt, Humbert (cosupervisor); Parys, Jan (cosupervisor)
29-Apr-2013 Damage and Progressive Failure Analysis for Aeronautic Composite Structures with Curvature (Analyse van de propagatie van schade in gekromde composietonderdelen voor vliegtuigconstructies)Leite Ribeiro, Marcelo; Vandepitte, Dirk (supervisor)
29-Apr-2013 Formulation and process considerations in manufacturing spray-dried amorphous solid dispersions: A case study with naproxen-polyvinylpyrrolidonePaudel, Amrit; Van den Mooter, Guy (supervisor)
29-Apr-2013 Optogenetics in primates: a shining future?Gerits, Annelies; Vanduffel, Wim
29-Apr-2013 Completeness results for lifted variable eliminationTaghipour, Nima; Fierens, Daan; Van den Broeck, Guy; Davis, Jesse; Blockeel, Hendrik; Carvalho, Carlos M. (othereditor); Ravikumar, Pradeep (othereditor)
28-Apr-2013 Non-equilibrium phenomena and molecular reaction dynamics: mode space, energy space and conformer spaceGlowacki, David R; Lightfoot, Robert; Harvey, Jeremy
28-Apr-2013 UV photolysis of 4-iodo-, 4-bromo-, and 4-chlorophenol: Competition between C-Y (Y = halogen) and O-H bond fissionSage, Alan G; Oliver, Thomas A. A; King, Graeme A; Murdock, Daniel; Harvey, Jeremy N.; Ashfold, Michael N. R
28-Apr-2013 Motivationele gespreksvoeringVerleyzen, Tim
28-Apr-2013 Comment on "A model for internal photoemission at high-k oxide/silicon energy barriers" [J. Appl. Phys. 112, 064115 (2012)]Afanas'ev, Valeri
28-Apr-2013 Management of the neck in Salivary Gland CancerVander Poorten, Vincent
28-Apr-2013 Preventie van recidiverende urineweginfecties met lactobacilliLaekeman, Gert
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