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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2013 Rigid body pose and twist scene graph founded on geometric relations semantics for robotic applicationsDe Laet, Tinne; Bellens, Steven; Scioni, Enea; Bruyninckx, Herman
2013 Multiscale modeling in food engineeringHo, Quang Tri; Carmeliet, Jan; Datta, Ashim; Defraeye, Thijs; Delele, Mulugeta; Herremans, Els; Opara, Linus; Ramon, Herman; Tijskens, Engelbert; van der Sman, Ruud; Van Liedekerke, Paul; Verboven, Pieter; Nicolai, Bart
2013 CFD modelling of flow and scalar exchange of spherical food products: turbulence and boundary-layer modellingDefraeye, Thijs; Verboven, Pieter; Nicolai, Bart
2013 Application of MRI for tissue characterisation of ‘Braeburn’ appleDefraeye, Thijs; Gross, Dieter; Holat, Carolin; Herremans, Els; Verboven, Pieter; Verlinden, Bert; Nicolai, Bart
2013 Inequality, Wealth and Health: Is Decreasing Income Inequality the Key to Create Healthier Societies?Pop, Ioana Andreea; van Ingen, Erik; van Oorschot, Wim
2013 The Multidimensionality of Welfare State Attitudes: A European Cross-National StudyRoosma, F.; Gelissen, J.; van Oorschot, Wim
2013 Influence of photoperiodism on the spatio-temporal accumulation of steviol glycosides in Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni)Ceunen, Stijn; Geuns, Jan
2013 Glucose, sucrose and steviol glycoside accumulation in Stevia rebaudiana grown under different photoperiodsCeunen, Stijn; Geuns, Jan
2013 Unravelling changing sediment sources in a Mediterranean mountain catchment: a Bayesian fingerprinting approachD'Haen, Koen; Verstraeten, Gert; Dusar, Bert; Degryse, Patrick; Haex, Jill; Waelkens, Marc
2013 Carolin Ritter, Ovidius redivivus: Die Epistulae Heroides des Mark Alexander Boyd. Hildesheim–Zürich–New York: Georg Olms Verlag, 2010De Keyser, Jeroen
2013 Stepping from Belgium to the USA and back: The conceptualization and impact of the Harvard Step Test, 1942-2012Vangrunderbeek, Hans; Delheye, Pascal
2013 Philosophy and philosophers in the writings of Francesco FilelfoDe Keyser, Jeroen
2013 Deixis in musical narrative: musical sense-making between perceptual experience and its symbolic counterpartsReybrouck, Mark
2013 Three-level meta-analysis of dependent effect sizesVan Den Noortgate, Wim; López-López, José Antonio; Marín-Martínez, Fulgencio; Sánchez-Meca, Julio
2013 Advanced rule base learning: active learning, rule extraction, and incorporating domain knowledgeVerbraken, Thomas; Van Vlasselaer, Véronique; Verbeke, Wouter; Martens, David; Baesens, Bart; Coussement, K. (othereditor); De Bock, K. (othereditor); Neslin, S. (othereditor)
2013 The Role of Hierarchy in Face-to-Face and E-Supported Mediations: The Use of an Online Intake to Balance HierarchyBollen, Katalien; Euwema, Martin
2013 Chances and challenges of online-mediationBollen, Katalien; Barth, Gernot (othereditor); Böhm, Bernhard (othereditor); Covata, Claudia (othereditor); Chalupka-Dunse, Sylwia (othereditor); Fürle, Irka (othereditor); Marucci, Christiana (othereditor); Barth, Gernot (series); Böhm, Bernhard (series)
2013 Money or children? Power sources in divorce mediationBollen, Katalien; Euwema, Martin; Verbeke, Alain Laurent
2013 Using export market performance to evaluate regional preferential policies in ChinaVan Biesebroeck, Jo; Schminke, Annette
2013 Cold hardening and sucrose treatment improve cryopreservation of date palm meristemsFki, Lotfi; Bouaziz, Naila; Chkir, Olfa; Benjemaa-Masmoudi, Raja; Rival, Alain; Swennen, Rony; Drira, Noureddine; Panis, Bart
2013 Intellectual Traditions at the Medieval University: The Use of Philosophical Psychology in Trinitarian Theology among the Franciscans and Dominicans, 1250-1350Friedman, Russell; Speer, Andreas (series)
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