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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Jan-2013 La Legge dell’imperatore Giustiniano Un esempio di recezione del diritto greco-romano presso le popolazioni slavePaolo, Angelini
Jan-2013 Regulation of feeding by Neuropeptide F in the desert locust, Schistocerca gregariaVan Wielendaele, Pieter; Dillen, Senne; Zels, Sven; Badisco, Liesbeth; Vanden Broeck, Jozef
Jan-2013 A comparison of methods for non-rigid 3D shape retrievalLian, Zhouhui; Godil, Afzal; Bustos, Benjamin; Daoudi, Mohamed; Hermans, Jeroen; Kawamura, Shun; Kurita, Yukinori; Lavoué, Guillaume; Nguyen, Hien Van; Ohbuchi, Ryutarou; Ohkita, Yuki; Porikli, Fatih; Reuter, Martin; Sipiran, Ivan; Smeets, Dirk; Suetens, Paul; Tabia, Hedi; Vandermeulen, Dirk
Jan-2013 The facial evolution: looking backward and moving forwardBaynam, Gareth; Walters, Mark; Claes, Peter; Kung, Stefanie; LeSouef, Peter; Dawkins, Hugh; Gillet, David; Goldblatt, Jack
Jan-2013 The role of PKCε-dependent signaling for cardiac differentiationGalli, D; Gobbi, G; Carrubbi, C; Di Marcantonio, D; Benedetti, L; De Angelis, M G C; Meschi, T; Vaccarezza, M; Sampaolesi, Maurilio; Mirandola, P; Vitale, M
Jan-2013 Current state of 3D myocardial strain estimation using echocardiographyJasaityte, Ruta; Heyde, Brecht; D'hooge, Jan
Jan-2013 Esophageal Stasis on a Timed Barium Esophagogram Predicts Recurrent Symptoms in Patients With Long-Standing AchalasiaRohof, W O; Lei, A; Boeckxstaens, Guy
Jan-2013 Comparative motif discovery combined with comparative transcriptomics yield accurate targetome and enhancer predictionsNaval Sanchez, Marina; Potier, Delphine; Haagen, Lotte; Sanchez, Maximo; Munck, Sebastian; Van de Sande, Bram; Casares, Fernando; Christiaens, Valerie; Aerts, Stein
Jan-2013 Characterisation and tissue distribution of the PISCF allatostatin receptor in the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneumAudsley, Neil; Vandersmissen, Hans Peter; Weaver, R; Dani, P; Matthews, J; Down, R; Vuerinckx, Kristel; Kim, YJ; Vanden Broeck, Jozef
Jan-2013 The Automatic Monitoring of Pigs Water Use by CamerasKashiha, Mohammadamin; Bahr, Claudia; Amirpour Haredasht, Sara; Ott, Sanne; Moons, Christel; Niewold, Theo; Odberg, Frank; Berckmans, Daniel
Jan-2013 Perceived game realism: a test of three alternative modelsRibbens, Wannes
Jan-2013 Age of onset of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is modulated by a locus on 1p34.1The ALSGEN Consortium; Van Damme, Philip; Robberecht, Wim
Jan-2013 The C9ORF72 expansion mutation is a common cause of ALS+/-FTD in Europe and has a single founderSmith, Bradley N; Newhouse, Stephen; Shatunov, Aleksey; Vance, Caroline; Topp, Simon; Johnson, Lauren; Miller, Jack; Lee, Younbok; Troakes, Claire; Scott, Kirsten M; Jones, Ashley; Gray, Ian; Wright, Jamie; Hortobágyi, Tibor; Al-Sarraj, Safa; Rogelj, Boris; Powell, John; Lupton, Michelle; Lovestone, Simon; Sapp, Peter C; ...
Jan-2013 Use of Early-TIPS for High-Risk Variceal Bleeding. Results of a post-RCT Surveillance StudyGarcia-Pagán, J C; Di Pascoli, M; Caca, K; Laleman, Wim; Bureau, C; Appenrodt, B; Luca, A; Zipprich, A; Abraldes, J G; Nevens, Frederik; Vinel, J P; Sauerbruch, T; Bosch, J
Jan-2013 A randomized phase II study evaluating the combination of carboplatin-based chemotherapy with pertuzumab versus carboplatin-based therapy alone in patients with relapsed, platinum-sensitive ovarian cancerKaye, SB; Poole, CJ; Danska-Bidzinska, A; Gianni, L; Del Conte, G; Gorbunova, V; Novikova, E; Strauss, A; Moczko, M; McNally, VA; Ross, G; Vergote, Ignace
Jan-2013 Multiobjective Battery Storage to Improve PV Integration in Residential Distribution GridsTant, Jeroen; Geth, Frederik; Six, Daan; Tant, Peter; Driesen, Johan
Jan-2013 Clinical characteristics of impaired trunk control in children with spastic cerebral palsyHeyrman, Lieve; Desloovere, Kaat; Molenaers, Guy; Verheyden, Geert; Klingels, Katrijn; Monbaliu, Elegast; Feys, Hilde
Jan-2013 Approaches to homozygosity mapping and exome sequencing for the identification of novel types of CDGMatthijs, Gert; Rymen, Daisy; Millón, María Beatriz Bistué; Souche, Erika; Race, Valérie
Jan-2013 Better interprofessional teamwork, higher level of organized care, and lower risk of burnout in acute healthcare teams using care pathways: A cluster randomized controlled trialDeneckere, Svin; Euwema, Martin; Lodewijckx, Cathy; Panella, Max; Mutsvari, Timothy; Sermeus, Walter; Vanhaecht, Kris
Jan-2013 Influence of turbulent boundary conditions on RANS simulations of pollutant dispersion in mechanically ventilated enclosures with transitional slot Reynolds numberCao, Shijie; Meyers, Johan
Jan-2013 Identification of CUX1 as the recurrent chromosomal band 7q22 target gene in human uterine leiomyomaSchoenmakers, Eric F P M; Bunt, Jens; Hermers, Lianne; Schepens, Marga; Merkx, Gerard; Janssen, Bert; Kersten, Monique; Huys, Erik; Pauwels, Patrick; Debiec-Rychter, Maria; van Kessel, Ad Geurts
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