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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2012 Hardeware-Anchored Security Based on SRAM PUFs, Part 1Handschuh, Helena
2012 The Cyborg Villain: Mechanical hybridity and Existential FearDe Coster, Jori; Saeber, Luke (othereditor)
2012 Between a rock and a hard place: the two-to-one assignment problemGoossens, Dries; Polyakovski, S.; Spieksma, Frits; Woeginger, G.
2012 Sequential testing policies for complex systems under precedence constraintsWei, Wenchao; Coolen, Kris; Leus, Roel
2012 Scheduling modular projects on a bottleneck resourceCoolen, Kris; Leus, Roel; Wei, Wenchao; Talla Nobibon, Fabrice
2012 Good for Nothing? Jan De Meyer’s Translation of the Tang Text WunengziDefoort, Carine
2012 Risk Management at Heritage Sites: a case study of the Petra World Heritage SitePaolini, Anna; Vafadari, Azadeh; Cesaro, Giorgia; Santana Quintero, Mario; Van Balen, Koen; Vileikis, Ona; Fakhoury, Leen
2012 Challenges in specifying and evaluating a conceptual design for a task-based mini-game environment for language learningCornillie, Frederik; Grenfell, Andrew; Windeatt, Scott; Desmet, Piet
2012 Language learners’ use of automatically generated corrective feedback in a gamified and task-based tutorial CALL program: a pilot studyCornillie, Frederik; Lagatie, Ruben; Desmet, Piet
2012 Gestational diabetes: overview of the new consensus screening strategy and diagnostic criteriaBenhalima, K; Van Crombrugge, P; Hanssens, Myriam; Devlieger, Roland; Verhaeghe, Johan; Mathieu, Chantal
2012 Leveraging crowdsourced data for the automatic generation of feedback in written dialogue tasksCornillie, Frederik; Lagatie, Ruben
2012 Panel Presentation: Are We Engaged in Research and Creative Activity?Ossipov, Helene; Thibeault, Thom; Cornillie, Frederik
2012 Does instruction kill the game? Exploring learners’ perceptions of corrective feedback in an immersive foreign language learning gameCornillie, Frederik
2012 A qualitative inquiry and a quantitative exploration into the meaning of game reviewsRibbens, Wannes; Steegen, Ruben
2012 Une approche synthétique des exceptions au droit d’auteur dans le droit de L’Union européenneGotzen, Frank
2012 The world 'once more' : walking linesMasschelein, Jan
2012 De kwalificatie van het recht van vruchtgebruik: contractuele mogelijkheden en afbakening tegenover opstal, erfpacht en huurCarette, Nicolas; del Corral, Julie; Sagaert, Vincent (othereditor); Verbeke, Alain-Laurent (othereditor)
2012 Legislando sobre euthanasia: as leis de eutanasia bega e holandesa do ponto de vista legal e eticonys, herman; adams, maurice; Gazzo, Debora (othereditor); Wilson, Ricardo Ligiera (othereditor)
2012 Are All International Organizations Created Equal?Wouters, Jan; Odermatt, Jed
2012 The EU’s Role in Global Governance: The Legal DimensionVan Vooren, Bart (editor); Blockmans, Steven (editor); Wouters, Jan (editor)
2012 Efficient Reconfigurable Hardware Architecture for Accurately Computing Success Probability and Data Complexity of Linear AttacksBogdanov, Andrey; Kavun, Elif; Tischhauser, Elmar; Yalcin, Tolga
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