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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Feb-2013 Time-optimal parking and flying: Solving path following problems efficientlyVan Loock, Wannes; Bellens, Steven; Pipeleers, Goele; De Schutter, Joris; Swevers, Jan
Feb-2013 Breastfeeding leads to lower blood pressure in 7-year-old Japanese children: Tohoku Study of Child DevelopmentHosaka, Miki; Asayama, Kei; Staessen, Jan A; Ohkubo, Takayoshi; Hayashi, Katsuhisa; Tatsuta, Nozomi; Kurokawa, Naoyuki; Satoh, Michihiro; Hashimoto, Takanao; Hirose, Takuo; Obara, Taku; Metoki, Hirohito; Inoue, Ryusuke; Kikuya, Masahiro; Nakai, Kunihiko; Imai, Yutaka; Satoh, Hiroshi
Feb-2013 Idealness and similarity in goal-derived categories: A computational examinationVoorspoels, Wouter; Storms, Gert; Vanpaemel, Wolf
Feb-2013 Neural correlates of recovery from Foix-Chavany-Marie syndromeTheys, Tom; Van Cauter, Sofie; Kho, Kuan Hua; Vijverman, Anne-Catherine; Peeters, Ronald R; Sunaert, Stefan; van Loon, Johan
Feb-2013 The effect of exercise on the cardiovascular risk factors constituting the Metabolic Syndrome: a meta-analysis of controlled trialsPattyn, Nele; Cornelissen, Véronique; Toghi Eshgi, Saeed Reza; Vanhees, Luc
Feb-2013 Do we need authorised orphan drugs when compounded medications are available?Dooms, Marc; Pincé, Hilde; Simoens, Steven
Feb-2013 Neutralization of membrane TNF, but not soluble TNF, is crucial for the treatment of experimental colitisPerrier, Clémentine; De Hertogh, Gert; Cremer, Jonathan; Vermeire, Severine; Rutgeerts, Paul; Van Assche, Gert; Szymkowski, David E; Ceuppens, Jan L
Feb-2013 Reproducibility of rapid short echo time CSI at 3 tesla for clinical applicationsVan Cauter, Sofie; Sima, Diana M; Luts, Jan; ter Beek, Leon; Ribbens, Annemie; Peeters, Ronald R; Osorio Garcia, Maria I; Li, Yuquan; Sunaert, Stefan; Van Gool, Stefaan; Van Huffel, Sabine; Himmelreich, Uwe
Feb-2013 Hierarchical non-negative matrix factorization (hNMF) : a tissue pattern differentation method for glioblastoma multiforme diagnosis using MRSILi, Y; Sima, Diana; Van Cauter, Sofie; Croitor Sava, Anca; Himmelreich, Uwe; Pi, Y; Van Huffel, Sabine
Feb-2013 The impact of a high-grade glioma on everyday life: A systematic review from the patient's and caregiver's perspectiveSterckx, Wendy; Coolbrandt, Annemarie; Dierckx de Casterlé, Bernadette; Van den Heede, Koen; Decruyenaere, Marleen; Borgenon, Sonja; Mees, Anne; Clement, Paul
Feb-2013 A systematic review of 3D scapular kinematics and muscle activity during elevation in stroke subjects and controlsDe Baets, Liesbet; Jaspers, Ellen; Desloovere, Kaat; Van Deun, Saar
Feb-2013 Multi-objective optimal control of dynamic bioprocesses using ACADO ToolkitLogist, Filip; Telen, Dries; Houska, Boris; Diehl, Moritz; Van Impe, Jan
Feb-2013 Impact of pH on the cardinal temperatures of E. coli K12: evaluation of the gamma hypothesisBaka, Maria; Van Derlinden, Eva; Boons, Kathleen; Mertens, Laurence; Van Impe, Jan
Feb-2013 Towards a next generation of predictive models: a systems biology primerVan Impe, Jan; Vercammen, Dominique; Van Derlinden, Eva
Feb-2013 NF-κB signalling requirement for brain myelin formation is shown by genotype/MRI phenotype correlations in patients with Xq28 duplicationsPhilippe, Orianne; Rio, Marlène; Malan, Valérie; Van Esch, Hilde; Baujat, Geneviève; Bahi-Buisson, Nadia; Valayannopoulos, Vassili; Gesny, Roseline; Bonnefont, Jean-Paul; Munnich, Arnold; Froyen, Guy; Amiel, Jeanne; Boddaert, Nathalie; Colleaux, Laurence
Feb-2013 Seasonal variation of Sarpa salpa fish toxicity, as related to phytoplankton consumption, accumulation of heavy metals, lipids peroxidation level in fish tissues and toxicity upon miceBellassoued, Khaled; Hamza, Asma; van Pelt, Jos; Elfeki, Abdelfatteh
Feb-2013 A systematic survey instrument translation process for multi-country, comparative health workforce studiesSquires, Allison; Aiken, Linda H; van den Heede, Koen; Sermeus, Walter; Bruyneel, Luk; Lindqvist, Rikard; Schoonoven, Lisette; Stromseng, Ingeborg; Busse, Reinhard; Brzostek, Tomasz; Ensio, Anneli; Moreno-Casbas, Mayte; Rafferty, Anne Marie; Schubert, Maria; Zikos, Dimitris
Feb-2013 Tauroursodeoxycholic acid suppresses amyloid β-induced synaptic toxicity in vitro and in APP/PS1 miceRamalho, Rita M; Nunes, Ana F; Dias, Raquel B; Amaral, Joana D; Lo, Adrian; D'Hooge, Rudi; Sebastião, Ana M; Rodrigues, Cecilia M P
Feb-2013 Belgian consumers’ opinion on pork consumption concerning alternatives for unanesthetized piglet castrationVan Beirendonck, Sanne; Driessen, Bert; Geers, Rony
Feb-2013 Task cards: Design and use in the reciprocal style of teachingIserbyt, Peter; Byra, Mark
Feb-2013 An algorithm for computing the eigenvalues of block companion matricesFrederix, Katrijn; Delvaux, Steven; Van Barel, Marc
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