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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2013 Art, Intellect and Politics. A Diachronic PerspectiveMargagliotta, Giusy Maria Ausilia (editor); Robiglio, Andrea (editor); Günther, Hans-Christian (series)
2013 Driving performance in persons with mild to moderate Multiple SclerosisDevos, Hannes; Brijs, Tom; Alders, Geert; Wets, Geert; Feys, Peter
2013 Risk based classification of toxic fluidsVandebroek, Luc; Daenen, Michael; Joosten, P.; Berghmans, Jan
2013 Master of Science in Safety Engineering at KU LeuvenDegrève, Jan; Berghmans, Jan
2013 The dust explosion characteristics of coal dust in an oxygen enriched atmosphereNorman, Frederik; Berghmans, Jan; Verplaetsen, Filip
2013 Safety aspects of the use of LNG for marine propulsionVandebroek, Luc; Berghmans, Jan
2013 Young leading innovators and the EU’s R&D intensity gapCincere, Michele; Veugelers, Reinhilde
2013 The distribution of the number of points modulo an integer on elliptic curves over finite fieldsCastryck, Wouter; Hubrechts, Hendrik
2013 Cloud computing: A mobile context-awareness perspectiveNaqvi, Syeda Nayyab Zia; Preuveneers, Davy; Berbers, Yolande; Mahmood, Zaigham (othereditor); Sammes, A.J. (series)
2013 Electrospinning covalently cross-linking biocompatible hydrogelatorsSchultz, Kelly M.; Campo-Deano, Laura; Baldwin, Aaron D.; Kiick, Kristi L.; Clasen, Christian; Furst, Eric M.
2013 Mood and the DRM paradigm: An investigation of the effects of valence and arousal on false memoryVan Damme, Ilse
2013 Contingencies of self-worth in early adolescence: The antecedent role of perceived parentingWouters, Sofie; Doumen, Sarah; Germeijs, Veerle; Colpin, Hilde; Verschueren, Karine
2013 Sexually explicit websites and sexual initiation: Reciprocal relationships and the moderating role of pubertal statusVandenbosch, Laura; Eggermont, Steven
2013 In het licht van de eindigheid. Het einde van de metafysica en de deconstructie van het christendomSchrijvers, Joeri
2013 Defeat ReconsideredChandler, Jacob
2013 Le jugement de l’opinion publique et la répression des provocations collectives non suivies d’effet en Belgique (1831-1914)Delbecke, Bram
2013 Blackberry Girls and "(In)appropriate" Calls. Morality, Connectivity and Personhood in Kinshasa's Mobile Phone CulturePype, Katrien
2013 The fading electricity theory of ageing: The missing biophysical principleDe Loof, Arnold; De Haes, Wouter; Boerjan, Bart; Schoofs, Liliane
2013 Invasiveness risk of the tropical biofuel crop Jatropha curcas L. into adjacent land use systems: from the rumours to the experimental factsMekuria, Aklilu Negussie; Achten, Wouter; Aerts, Raf; Norgrove, Lindsey; Sinkala, Thomson; Hermy, Martin; Muys, Bart
2013 Online Political Engagement, Facebook and Personality TraitsQuintelier, Ellen; Theocharis, Yannis
2013 Hybridization, Transculturation, and Translation. Europe through the Lens of Latin AmericaStallaert, Christiane; Sabaté, Flocel (othereditor)
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