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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2014 Brian James Baer, ed. Contexts, Subtexts, and Pretexts. Literary translation in Eastern Europe and RussiaBoulogne, Pieter
2014 Ultimate strength of built-up cfs columns, according to the direct strength method. Experimental validation on columns with varied boundary conditions (accepted)Georgieva, Iveta; Schueremans, Luc; Vandewalle, Lucie; Pyl, Lincy; Loughlan, Joseph (othereditor)
2014 Introduction: Toward an anthropology of tourism imaginariesSalazar, Noel B.; Graburn, Nelson; Salazar, Noel B. (othereditor); Graburn, Nelson H. H. (othereditor)
2014 Tourism imaginaries: Anthropological approachesBunten, Alexis (other); Swain, Margaret (other); Baptista, João (other); Stasch, Rupert (other); Theodossopoulos, Dimitrios (other); Santos, Paula (other); Ferraris, Federica (other); Di Giovine, Michael (other); Little, Kenneth (other); Tonnaer, Anke (other); Salazar, Noel B. (editor); Graburn, Nelson H. H. (editor)
2014 Brokers of Belonging. Kinshasa's Elders, Mobile Phones and IntermediariesPype, Katrien; Mano, Winston (othereditor); Willems, Wendy (othereditor)
2014 Religious Media in Africa and the Diaspora: Circulation, Competition and Remediation (Special Issue)Pype, Katrien (editor); Van Wolputte, Steven (editor); Melice, Anne (editor)
2014 Exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation improves endothelial function assessed by flow-mediated dilatation but not by pulse amplitude tonometryCornelissen, Véronique; Onkelinx, Steven; Goetschalckx, Kaatje; Thomaes, Tom; Janssens, Stefan; Fagard, Robert; Verhamme, Peter; Vanhees, Luc
2014 PoliticsBru, Sascha; Chinitz, David E. (othereditor); McDonald, Gail (othereditor)
2014 Identifying personality subtypes based on the Five Factor Model dimensions in male prisoners: Implications for psychopathy and criminal offendingClaes, Laurence; Tavernier, Geert; Roose, Annelore; Bijttebier, Patricia; Smith, Sarah; Lilienfeld, Scott
2014 A Sixteenth-Century Neoplatonic Synthesis. Francesco Piccolomini's Theory of Mathematics and Imagination in the Academicae ContemplationesClaessens, Guy
2014 Surveying organizational culture to explore grid-group cultural theory: instrument design and preliminary empirical resultsWouters, Kristel; Maesschalck, Jeroen
2014 The Monk and the Stagirite. An Analysis of the 'De Virtute et Ascesi' of Nicephorus BlemmydesGielen, Erika; Signes Codoñer, Juan (othereditor); Pérez Martín, Inmaculada (othereditor)
2014 The Metochion, Holy Sepulchre 363 Manuscript and an Unpublished Byzantine Opuscule on PredeterminationGielen, Erika; Van Deun, Peter; d'Hoine, Pieter (othereditor); Van Riel, Gerd (othereditor)
2014 Il ‘De venatione’ senofonteo tradotto da Ognibene BonisoliDe Keyser, Jeroen
2014 The relative persuasiveness of gain- vs. loss-framed HIV testing message: Evidence from a field experiment in Northwest EthiopiaBekalu, Mesfin Awoke; Eggermont, Steven
2014 Performing their Version of the House. Views on an Architectural Response to AutismBaumers, Stijn; Heylighen, Ann; Maudlin, Daniel (othereditor); Vellinga, Marcel (othereditor)
2014 Close, Closer, Closest: Participatory Observation in my own CultureTzadik, Efrat; Voloder, Lejla (othereditor); Kirpitchenko, Liudmila (othereditor)
2014 A multiscale mechanobiological model of in-stent restenosis; deciphering the role of matrix metalloproteinase and extracellular matrix changesZahedmanesh, Houman; Van Oosterwyck, Hans; Lally, Caitriona
2014 Large scale hydrological simulations using SWAT, protocol development and application in the Danube BasinPagliero, Liliana; Bouraoui, Faycal; Willems, Patrick; Diels, Jan
2014 Paradise Regained? Crossing borders between planning concepts in the Netherlands and Belgium (1830-2012)De Block, Greet; de Kool, David; De Meulder, Bruno; De Block, Greet (othereditor); Filarski, Ruud (othereditor); Mom, Gijs (othereditor); Toussaint, Bert (othereditor)
2014 A pilot study of the efficacy of a computerized Executive Functioning remediation training with game elements for children with ADHD in an outpatient setting: Outcome on parent and teacher-rated executive functioning and ADHD behaviorVan der Oord, Saskia; Ponsioen, Albert; Geurts, Hilde; Ten Brink, Esther; Prins, Pier
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