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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2013 Sexually explicit websites and sexual initiation: Reciprocal relationships and the moderating role of pubertal statusVandenbosch, Laura; Eggermont, Steven
2013 In het licht van de eindigheid. Het einde van de metafysica en de deconstructie van het christendomSchrijvers, Joeri
2013 Defeat ReconsideredChandler, Jacob
2013 Le jugement de l’opinion publique et la répression des provocations collectives non suivies d’effet en Belgique (1831-1914)Delbecke, Bram
2013 Blackberry Girls and "(In)appropriate" Calls. Morality, Connectivity and Personhood in Kinshasa's Mobile Phone CulturePype, Katrien
2013 The fading electricity theory of ageing: The missing biophysical principleDe Loof, Arnold; De Haes, Wouter; Boerjan, Bart; Schoofs, Liliane
2013 Online Political Engagement, Facebook and Personality TraitsQuintelier, Ellen; Theocharis, Yannis
2013 Hybridization, Transculturation, and Translation. Europe through the Lens of Latin AmericaStallaert, Christiane; Sabaté, Flocel (othereditor)
2013 Traducción y Transmodernidad, herramientas de análisis de procesos de transculturación en un mundo globalizadoStallaert, Christiane; Ruiz Miyares, Leonel (othereditor)
2013 Young Scholars Forum: Contemporary ethnographic practice and the value of serendipityLe Courant, Stefan (other); Giabiconi, Julie (other); Dalsgaard, Steffen (other); Miller, Danny (other); Salazar, Noel B. (editor); Rivoal, Isabelle (editor)
2013 Multilingual scholarship and the paradox of translation and language in management and organization studies (accepted)Steyaert, Chris; Janssens, Maddy
2013 An exploration of the functions of religious monumental architecture from a Darwinian perspectiveJoye, Yannick; Verpooten, Jan
2013 Tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUDCA) supplementation prevents cognitive impairment and amyloid deposition in APP/PS1 miceLo, Adrian; Callaerts-Vegh, Zsuzsanna; Nunes, A.F.; Rodgrigues, C.M.; D'Hooge, Rudi
2013 Why do they want to teach? The multiple reasons of different groups of students for undertaking teacher educationStruyven, Katrien; Jacobs, Karen; Dochy, Filip
2013 Isomerisation of carrot beta-carotene in presence of oil during thermal and combined thermal/high pressure processingKnockaert, Griet; Sudheer, K.P.; Lemmens, Lien; Van Buggenhout, Sandy; Hendrickx, Marc; Van Loey, Ann
2013 Samenvatting EHRM 2 november 2010, SakhnovskiyVerrijdt, Willem; Lemmens, Paul (editor)
2013 Samenvatting EHRM 10 september 2010, McFarlaneVerrijdt, Willem; Lemmens, Paul (editor)
2013 Beta-carotene isomerisation in mango puree as influenced by thermal processing and high pressure homogenisationLemmens, Lien; Tchuenche, Emmanuel; Van Loey, Ann; Hendrickx, Marc
2013 Biography, GreekVan Hoof, Lieve; Nicholson, O. (editor)
2013 Panegyric, GreekVan Hoof, Lieve; Nicholson, O. (editor)
2013 Review of Elm, S. (2012), Sons of Hellenism, Fathers of the Church. Emperor Julian, Gregory of Nazianzus, and the Vision of Rome, Berkeley – Los Angeles – LondonVan Hoof, Lieve
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