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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Nov-2013 For Richer, For Poorer: Marriage and Casualized Sex in East African Artisanal Mining SettelementsBryceson, D. F.; Jonsson, J. B.; Verbrugge, Hannelore
Nov-2013 Common and segregated processing of observed actions in human SPLAbdollahi Asadabadi, Rouhollah; Jastorff, Jan; Orban, Guy
Nov-2013 Psychophysics, fitting, and signal processing for combined hearing aid and cochlear implant stimulationFrancart, Tom; McDermott, Hugh J
Nov-2013 An evaluation of disease knowledge in dyads of parents and their adolescent children with congenital heart diseaseYang, Hsiao-Ling; Chen, YC; Wang, JK; Gau, BS; Moons, Philip
Nov-2013 In between the Studio and the Snapshot: In Situ Photography of Nineteenth-Century Statues on Belle Époque Picture PostcardsEngelen, Leen; Sterckx, Marjan
Nov-2013 Simulating individual-based models of bacterial chemotaxis with asymptotic variance reductionRousset, Mathias; Samaey, Giovanni
Nov-2013 On the distribution and merger of is and bid in Old and Middle EnglishPetré, Peter
Nov-2013 Region-based memory management for Mercury programsQuan, Phan; Janssens, Gerda; Somogyi, Zoltan
31-Oct-2013 Enhanced set of solutions supporting secure service architecture and designBaudry, Benoit; Plouzeau, Noel; Busch, Marianne; Clavel, Manuel; Heyman, Thomas; Scandariato, Riccardo; Beckers, Kristian; Fernandez Gago, M. Carmen; Moyano, Francisco; Petrocchi, Marinella (editor); Sprenger, Christoph (editor); Tran, Min Sang (editor)
31-Oct-2013 Security requirement patterns for Future Internet applications, and improved modelling of the scenariosPaci, Federica; Tran, Le Minh Sang; Becker, Kristian; Moyano, Francisco; Fernandez Gago, Carmen; Scandariato, Riccardo; Yskout, Koen; Cuellar, Jorge (other); Busch, Marianne (other); Petrocchi, Marinella (other); Paci, Federica (editor); Tran, Le Minh Sang (editor)
31-Oct-2013 Age-related changes in neural control of movementRueda Delgado, Laura
31-Oct-2013 Multiplex Ligation-Dependent Probe Amplification (MLPA) On-ChipPeeters, S; Jones, B; Ibrahim, O; Wiederkehr, Rodrigo Sergio; Zhang, L; Tanaka, H; Matsuno, T; Yamashita, I; Majeed, B; Stakenborg, T; Fiorini, P; Lagae, Liesbet; Zangerle, Roland (othereditor)
31-Oct-2013 On-chip multiplex for amplification directly from whole bloodWiederkehr, Rodrigo Sergio; Jones, Ben; Peeters, S; Stakenborg, T; Ibrahim, O; Fiorini, P; Tanaka, H; Yamashita, I; Matsuno, T; Lagae, Liesbet; Zangerle, R (othereditor)
31-Oct-2013 Author Meeting: Sanjukta DasguptaGoddeeris, Idesbald
31-Oct-2013 Age and inhibition: determinants of cross-modal plasticity in the visual cortex of the mouse (Mus musculus)Nys, Julie; Arckens, Lut (supervisor)
31-Oct-2013 Periodontal ligament and peri-implant bone innervation in humans: a basis for physiological integration of oral implantsDos Santos Corpas, Lívia; Jacobs, Reinhilde (supervisor); Lambrichts, Ivo (cosupervisor)
30-Oct-2013 Solving Puzzles. The Patron and Composition of Rubens' Story of Constantine TapestriesBrosens, Koenraad
30-Oct-2013 L’impact de la politique antidopage sur l’accès aux produits dopants dans le cyclisme de haut niveauFincoeur, Bertrand
30-Oct-2013 Het Syrisch conflictAlsulaiman, Abied
30-Oct-2013 Wonen in Vlaanderen: verleden, heden en toekomstDe Decker, Pascal
30-Oct-2013 Ook 'goed scheiden' doet lijdenReynaert, Machteld; Delporte, Joris (other)
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