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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2013 Samenvatting EHRM 2 november 2010, SakhnovskiyVerrijdt, Willem; Lemmens, Paul (editor)
2013 Samenvatting EHRM 10 september 2010, McFarlaneVerrijdt, Willem; Lemmens, Paul (editor)
2013 Beta-carotene isomerisation in mango puree as influenced by thermal processing and high pressure homogenisationLemmens, Lien; Tchuenche, Emmanuel; Van Loey, Ann; Hendrickx, Marc
2013 Biography, GreekVan Hoof, Lieve; Nicholson, O. (editor)
2013 Panegyric, GreekVan Hoof, Lieve; Nicholson, O. (editor)
2013 Review of Elm, S. (2012), Sons of Hellenism, Fathers of the Church. Emperor Julian, Gregory of Nazianzus, and the Vision of Rome, Berkeley – Los Angeles – LondonVan Hoof, Lieve
2013 Measuring the impact of suspension on the process enactment environment during process evolutionHens, Pieter; Snoeck, Monique; De Backer, Manu; Poels, Geert (othereditor)
2013 Self-critical perfectionism and its relationship to fatigue and pain in the daily flow of life in patients with chronic fatigue syndromeKempke, Stefan; Luyten, Patrick; Claes, Stephan; Goossens, Lutgarde; Bekaert, Patrick; Van Wambeke, Peter; Van Houdenhove, Boudewijn
2013 Gait assessment during the initial fitting of customized selective laser sintering ankle foot orthoses in subjects with drop footCreylman, Veerle; Muraru, Luiza; Pallari, Jari; Vertommen, Helga; Peeraer, Louis
2013 Politiek en vrijheid: waar filosofie en theologie zich samen engageren (boekenessay)Justaert, Kristien
2013 Recensie: W. Stoker & W.L. van der Merwe, ed., Looking Beyond? Shifting Views of Transcendence in Philosophy, Theology, Art, and Politics, Amsterdam - New York: Rodopi, 2012Justaert, Kristien
2013 Modeling the effect of ethylene on rate of firmness breakdown and loss of background color of ‘Jonagold’ apple during CA storageGwanpua, Sunny George; Coronado, Karin; Verlinden, Bert; Hertog, Maarten; Nicolai, Bart; Geeraerd, Annemie
2013 Computational modeing in tissue engineeringGeris, Liesbet (editor); Gefen, Amit (series)
2013 Rehabilitation and Parkinson's diseaseEarhart, Gammon M; Ellis, Terry; Nieuwboer, Alice; Dibble, Leland E
2013 Interference resolution moderates the impact of rumination and reappraisal on affective experiences in daily lifePe, Madeline; Raes, Filip; Koval, Peter; Brans, Karen; Verduyn, Philippe; Kuppens, Peter
2013 Switching from premixed insulin tot basal-bolus insulin glargine plus rapid-acting insulin: the Atlantic StudyMathieu, Chantal; Storms, F; Tits, J; Veneman, T.F.; Colin, I.M.
2013 Increased severity of dyspeptic symptoms related to mental stress is associated with sympathetic hyperactivity and enhanced endocrine response in patients with postprandial distress syndromeDe Giorgi, Francesco; Sarnelli, Giovanni; Cirillo, Carla; Savino, Giusy; Turco, Fabio; Nardone, Gerardo; Rocco, Alba; Cuomo, Rosario
2013 Harm: A Neglected Concept in Criminology, A Necessary Benchmark in Crime PolicyPaoli, Letizia; Greenfield, Victoria A.
2013 A Framework to Assess the Harms of CrimeGreenfield, Victoria A.; Paoli, Letizia
2013 Process evolution in a distributed process execution environmentHens, Pieter; Snoeck, Monique; De Backer, Manu; Poels, Geert
2013 Sequential testing policies for complex systems under precedence constraintsWei, Wenchao; Coolen, Kris; Leus, Roel
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