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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Oct-2013 Circulation d'un portrait de Cendrars: presse et phénomène de pollinisationReverseau, Anne
Oct-2013 Driving game playing as a predictor of adolescents’ unlicensed driving in FlandersBeullens, Kathleen; Roe, Keith; Van den Bulck, Jan
Oct-2013 Fragment hopping approach directed at design of HIV IN-LEDGF/p75 interaction inhibitorsDe Luca, Laura; Ferro, Stefania; Morreale, Francesca; Christ, Frauke; Debyser, Zeger; Chimirri, Alba; Gitto, Rosaria
Oct-2013 The significant effect of endometriosis on psychosocial and physical well-being: results from an international studyde Graaff, Aisha; D'Hooghe, Thomas; Dunselman, Gerard; Dirksen, Carmen; Hummelshoj, Lone; WERF EndoCost Consortium; Simoens, Steven
Oct-2013 Relationship of EEG sources of neonatal seizures to acute perinatal brain lesions seen on MRI : a pilot studyDespotovic, I; Perumpillichira, J.C; De Vos, Maarten; Hallez, Hans; Deburchgraeve, Wouter; Govaert, P; Lequin, M; Visser, G.H; Swarte, R.M; Vansteenkiste, E; Van Huffel, Sabine; Philips, W
Oct-2013 Individual-based models for bacterial chemotaxis in the diffusive asymptoticsRousset, Mathias; Samaey, Giovanni
Oct-2013 The triple test: age estimation protocol for unaccompanied fugitives developed at the KU Leuven, BelgiumWillems, Guy; Thevissen, Patrick
Oct-2013 Model reduction of time-delay systems using position balancing and delay Lyapunov equationsJarlebring, Elias; Damm, Tobias; Michiels, Wim
Oct-2013 Increased ventral striatal CB1 receptor binding is related to negative symptoms in drug-free patients with schizophreniaCeccarini, Jenny; De Hert, Marc; van Winkel, Ruud; Peuskens, Jozef; Bormans, Guy; Kranaster, Laura; Enning, Frank; Koethe, Dagmar; Leweke, F. Markus; Van Laere, Koen
Oct-2013 Third molar development staging: crown-root length ratio as reference for optimally staging root developmentAltalie, Salem; Thevissen, Patrick; Fieuws, Steffen; Willems, Guy
30-Sep-2013 Web-platform security guide: Security assessment of the Web ecosystemDesmet, Lieven (editor); Piessens, Frank (editor)
30-Sep-2013 Opportunities and drawbacks of Tradable Recycling CertificatesDubois, Maarten
30-Sep-2013 La compréhension orale, ça s'enseigne et ça s'apprendMarneffe, Monique
30-Sep-2013 Mindful pregnancy: Maternal mindfulness during the perinatal period affects the infant's auditory ERPs at 9 months of agevan den Heuvel, Marion I; Winkler, Istvan; Otte, Renee A; Braeken, Marijke A. K. A; van der Wal, Juliette J. M; Donkers, Franc C. L; Van den Bergh, Bea
30-Sep-2013 Ion-induced roughening and ripple formation on polycrystalline metallic filmsSkeren, Tomas; Temst, Kristiaan; Vandervorst, Wilfried; Vantomme, André
30-Sep-2013 De transitie naar een duurzaam materialenbeheer. Ervaringen binnen Plan C en SummaVan Acker, Karel
30-Sep-2013 Interview met Dirk Rochtus: Deutschland hat gewählt: Zahltag nach dem WahltagRochtus, Dirk
30-Sep-2013 Mesenchymal Stem Cells Migration Homing and TrackingSohni, Abhishek; Verfaillie, Catherine
30-Sep-2013 Eigendomskwestie met betrekking tot (kleine) openbare wegenDe Staercke, Jürgen
30-Sep-2013 Europees anticrisisbeleid en armoedeNicaise, Ides
30-Sep-2013 Biopolymer interactions, water dynamics and bread crumb firmingBosmans, Geertrui; Lagrain, Bert; Fierens, Ellen; Delcour, Jan
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