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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Jan-2013 Quadratures associated with pseudo-orthogonal rational functions on the real half line with poles in [-∞,0]Bultheel, Adhemar; González-Vera, Pablo; Hendriksen, Erik; Njåstad, Olav
Jan-2013 Developing a policy for paediatric biobanks: principles for good practiceHens, Kristien; Van El, Carla E; Borry, Pascal; Cambon-Thomsen, Anne; Cornel, Martina C; Forzano, Francesca; Lucassen, Anneke; Patch, Christine; Tranebjaerg, Lisbeth; Vermeulen, Eric; Salvaterra, Elena; Tibben, Aad; Dierickx, Kris
Jan-2013 The R&D investment-uncertainty relationship: Do strategic rivalry and firm size matter?Czarnitzki, Dirk; Toole, A.A.
Jan-2013 Insufficient autophagy contributes to mitochondrial dysfunction, organ failure and adverse outcome in an animal model of critical illnessGunst, Jan; Derese, Inge; Aertgeerts, Annelies; Ververs, Eric-Jan; Wauters, Andy; Van den Berghe, Greet; Vanhorebeek, Ilse
Jan-2013 The third way: philology and critical edition for a digital ageAndrews, Tara
Jan-2013 Sparse spectral clustering method based on the incomplete Cholesky decompositionFrederix, Katrijn; Van Barel, Marc
Jan-2013 Use of general practitioners versus mental health professionals in six European countries: the decisive role of the organization of mental health-care systemsDezetter, Anne; Briffault, X; Bruffaerts, Ronny; De Graaf, R; Alonso, J; König, H H; Haro, J M; de Girolamo, G; Vilagut, G; Kovess-Masféty, V
Jan-2013 Paracrine signaling through plasma membrane hemichannelsWang, Nan; De Bock, Marijke; Decrock, Elke; Bol, Melissa; Gadicherla, Ashish; Vinken, Mathieu; Rogiers, Vera; Bukauskas, Feliksas F; Bultynck, Geert; Leybaert, Luc
Jan-2013 Are spondylarthritides related but distinct conditions or a single disease with a heterogeneous phenotype?Baeten, Dominique; Breban, Maxime; Lories, Rik; Schett, Georg; Sieper, Joachim
Jan-2013 Rational interpolation: II. Quadrature and convergenceDeckers, Karl; Bultheel, Adhemar
Jan-2013 Modal-Epistemic Arithmetic and the problem of quantifying inHeylen, Jan
Jan-2013 Fairy shrimps in distress: a molecular taxonomic review of the diverse fairy shrimp genus Branchinella (Anostraca: Thamnocephalidae) in Australia in the light of ongoing environmental changePinceel, Tom; Vanschoenwinkel, Bram; Waterkeyn, Aline; Vanhove, Maarten; Pinder, Adrian; Timms, Brian V.; Brendonck, Luc
Jan-2013 A critical review why assessment of steroid hormone receptors in breast cancer should be quantitativeBrouckaert, O; Paridaens, Robert; Floris, Guiseppe; Rakha, E; Osborne, K; Neven, Patrick
Jan-2013 Multivariate normalized Powell-Sabin B-splines and quasi-interpolantsSpeleers, Hendrik
Jan-2013 Fast and Fully Automatic 3-D Echocardiographic Segmentation Using B-Spline Explicit Active Surfaces: Feasibility Study and Validation in a Clinical SettingBarbosa, Daniel; Dietenbeck, Thomas; Heyde, Brecht; Houle, Helene; Friboulet, Denis; D'hooge, Jan; Bernard, Olivier
Jan-2013 The potential for speech intelligibility improvement using the ideal binary mask and the ideal Wiener filter in single channel noise reduction systems: Application to auditory prosthesesMadhu, Nilesh; Spriet, Ann; Jansen, Sofie; Koning, Raphael; Wouters, Jan
Jan-2013 Comprehensive quantification of the spastic catch in children with Cerebral PalsyBar-On, Lynn; Aertbeliën, Erwin; Molenaers, Guy; Bruyninckx, Herman; Monari, Davide; Jaspers, Ellen; Cazaerck, Anne; Desloovere, Kaat
Jan-2013 Accurate prediction of pregnancy viability by means of a simple scoring systemBottomley, C; Van Belle, Vanya; Kirk, E; Van Huffel, Sabine; Timmerman, Dirk; Bourne, Tom
Jan-2013 Co-occurrence of non-suicidal self-injury and impulsivity in extreme weight conditionsClaes, Laurence; Fernandez-Aranda, Fernando; Jimenez-Murcia, Susana; Botella, C.; Casanueva, F.F.; de la Torre, R.; Fernandez-Real, J.M.; Fruhbeck, G.; Tirahones, F.J.; Vilarrasa, N.; Monserrat-Gil de Bernabé, M.; Granero, R.; Agüera, Z.; Sancho, C.; Muehlenkamp, J.; Menchon, M.
Jan-2013 Assessing the role of policies on land use change and agricultural development since 1960s in northern EthiopiaBelay, Kassa Teka; Van Rompaey, Anton; Poesen, Jean
Jan-2013 Samenvatting EHRM 16 november 2010, PerdigaõVerrijdt, Willem; Lemmens, Paul (editor)
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