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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Jan-2013 The Effect of Housing Expenses and Subsidies on the Income Distribution in Flanders and the NetherlandsHeylen, Kristof; Haffner, Marietta
Jan-2013 An in vitro comparison of subjective image quality of panoramic views acquired via 2D or 3D imagingPittayapat, Pisha; Galiti, D; Huang, Yan; Dreesen, Karoline; Schreurs, Marc; Couto Souza, P; Rubira-Bullen, IRF; Westphalen, FH; Pauwels, Ruben; Kalema, George; Willems, Guy; Jacobs, Reinhilde
Jan-2013 PP1 and PP2A phosphatases: cooperating partners in modulating retinoblastoma protein activationKolupaeva, Victoria; Janssens, Veerle
Jan-2013 Does Two-Dimensional Image Reconstruction from Three-Dimensional Full Volume Echocardiography Improve the Assessment of Left Ventricular Morphology and Function?Amzulescu, Mihaela Silvia; Slavich, Massimo; Florian, Anca; Goetschalckx, Kaatje; Voigt, Jens-Uwe
Jan-2013 A hermeneutic phenomenological study of Belgian midwives' views on ideal and actual maternity careVan Kelst, Liesbeth; Spitz, Bernard; Sermeus, Walter; Thomson, Ann M
Jan-2013 Exercise Capacity, Physical Activity, and Obesity in Adults With Repaired Aortic CoarctationBuys, Roselien; Budts, Werner; Delecluse, Christophe; Vanhees, Luc
Jan-2013 Diffusion Tensor Imaging Metrics of the Corpus Callosum in Relation to Bimanual Coordination: Effect of Task Complexity and Sensory FeedbackGooijers, Jolien; Caeyenberghs, Karen; Sisti, Helene; Geurts, Monique; Heitger, Marcus; Leemans, Alexander; Swinnen, Stephan
Jan-2013 Representation Sharing for PrologNguyen, Phuong-Lan; Demoen, Bart
Jan-2013 Land and happiness: land distribution and subjective well-being in MoldovaVan Landeghem, Bert; Swinnen, Jo; Vranken, Liesbet
Jan-2013 Truly included? A literature study focusing on the social dimension of inclusion in educationBossaert, Goele; Colpin, Hilde; Pijl, Sip Jan; Petry, Katja
2013 Julian of EclanumLamberigts, Mathijs; Pollmann, Karla (othereditor); Otten, Willemien (othereditor)
2013 De perfectione iustitiae hominisLamberigts, Mathijs; Pollmann, Karla (othereditor); Otten, Willemien (othereditor)
2013 De peccatorum meritis et remissione et de baptismo parvulorumLamberigts, Mathijs; Pollmann, Karla (othereditor); Otten, Willemien (othereditor)
2013 De natura et gratiaLamberigts, Mathijs; Pollmann, Karla (othereditor); Otten, Willemien (othereditor)
2013 De gratia Christi et de peccato originaliLamberigts, Mathijs; Pollmann, Karla (othereditor); Otten, Willemien (othereditor)
2013 From family to school: Teacher-child relationships as a fruitful area for attachment researchVerschueren, Karine; Barone, L (othereditor)
2013 Diversity of demersal and megafaunal assemblages inhabiting sandbanks of the Irish SeaAtalah, Javier; Fitch, Jayne; Coughlan, Jennifer; Chopelet, Julien; Coscia, Ilaria; Farrell, Edward
2013 Modelled larval dispersal and measured gene flow: seascape genetics of the common cockle Cerastoderma edule in the southern Irish SeaCoscia, Ilaria; Robins, Peter E; Porter, Joanne S; Malham, Shelagh K; Ironside, Joseph E
2013 A species-to-be? The genetic status and colonization history of the critically endangered Killarney shadCoscia, Ilaria; McDevitt, Allan D; King, James J; Roche, William K; McLoughlin, Carol; Mariani, Stefano
2013 Are wild boars roaming Ireland once more?McDevitt, Allan D; Carden, Ruth F; Coscia, Ilaria; Frantz, Alain C
2013 Private handhavingDevroe, Wouter; Vanherpe, Jozefien
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