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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2014 “Heroes and villains”: Habsburg Supremacy over the Ottomans in Triumphal Celebrations in the Spanish Netherlands of the 17th centuryVan Waelderen, Dirk; Hüttler, Michael (othereditor); Weidinger, H.E. (othereditor)
2014 Art. ἀπειλήDhont, Marieke; Lemmelijn, Bénédicte; Bons, Eberhard (othereditor); Joosten, Jan (othereditor)
2014 Art. ἀπειλέωDhont, Marieke; Lemmelijn, Bénédicte; Bons, Eberhard (othereditor); Joosten, Jan (othereditor)
2014 Indonesia’s world heritageSalazar, Noel B.; Smith, Claire (othereditor)
2014 The Maasai as paradoxical icons of tourism (im)mobilitySalazar, Noel B.; Bunten, Alexis (othereditor); Graburn, Nelson (othereditor)
2014 Comment lire Sénèque? Les commentaires des Questions Naturelles de Libertus FromondusPapy, Jan; Boulègue, Laurence (othereditor)
2014 Optimal solutions for a dock assignment problem with trailer transportationBerghman, Lotte; Leus, Roel; Spieksma, Frits
2014 Some Unknown Byzantine Poems Preserved in a Manuscript of the Holy MountainKenens, Ulrike; Van Deun, Peter
2014 Remembering the 'traditional islam' of the Parents. Practices of authentication of Liberal and Secular Muslims in BelgiumFadil, Nadia
2014 4QBeatitudes (with 4QWiles of the Wicked Woman)Tigchelaar, Eibert; Wright, Archie (othereditor); Ron, Herms (othereditor); Brad, Embry (othereditor)
2014 Destination MoonVan Parys, Thomas; Short, Sue (othereditor); Wright, Peter (othereditor)
2014 Ritual as a Model of Symbolic Essentialism (forthcoming)Cortois, Paul; Kachappilly, Kurian (othereditor)
2014 Spatial planning in Flanders: serving a by-passed capitalism?Van den Broeck, Pieter; Kuhk, Annette; Lievois, Els; Schreurs, Jan; Moulaert, Frank; Reimer, Mario (othereditor); Getimis, Panagiotis (othereditor); Blotevogel, Hans (othereditor)
2014 How are teachers teaching? A nonparametric approachVan Klaveren, C.; De Witte, Kristof
2014 4QInstructionTigchelaar, Eibert; Wright, Archie (othereditor); Ron, Herms (othereditor); Brad, Embry (othereditor)
2014 Towards a dialogic construction grammar: A corpus-based approach to ad hoc routines and resonance activationBrône, Geert; Zima, Elisabeth
2014 Interactional discourse in cognitive linguistics: Theory, methods, and application (accepted)Brône, Geert (editor); Zima, Elisabeth (editor)
2014 On incompetency and care for the self as conditions for educational laboratoriesVlieghe, Joris; Decuypere, Mathias; Reid, Alan (othereditor); Hart, Paul (othereditor); Peters, Michael (othereditor); Russell, Connie (othereditor)
2014 StaatsSachen/Matters of State. Fiktionen der Gemeinschaft im langen 19. JahrhundertPhilipsen, Bart (editor); De Winde, Arne (editor); Maes, Sientje (editor)
2014 Microwave Techniques for MicroelectronicsSchreurs, Dominique
2014 Apophatic and Kataphatic Theology in Dumitru Staniloae (1903-1993)De Mey, Peter; Praet, Danny (othereditor)
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