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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
22-Jul-2013 Drying of a charge-stabilized colloidal suspension in-situ monitored by vertical small angle X-ray scatteringKim, Sunhyung; Hyun, Kyu; Kim, Yun Soo; Struth, Bernd; Clasen, Christian; Ahn, Kyung Hyun
22-Jul-2013 The effect of co-solvent on inter-chain and intra-chain conduction in self assembled polyaniline filmsFarrokhzad, Hasan; Van Gerven, Tom; Van der Bruggen, Bart
22-Jul-2013 Solubility Profiling of HIV Protease Inhibitors in Human Intestinal FluidsWuyts, Benjamin; Brouwers, Joachim; Mols, Raf; Tack, Jan; Annaert, Pieter; Augustijns, Patrick
22-Jul-2013 Surface charge fit, peptide bond snip: Metal-substituted polyoxometalates as region selective artificial proteasesStroobants, Karen; Absillis, Gregory; Parac-Vogt, Tatjana; Moelants, Eva; Proost, Paul; Bruylants, Gilles
22-Jul-2013 A Game of ThronesVrielink, Jogchum
23-Jul-2013 Tracking the growth of Trichoderma reesei during HFBII production; CO2-HFBII foamKhalesi, Mohammadreza; Riveros Galan, David Santiago; Deckers, Sylvie; Gebruers, Kurt; Verachtert, Hubert; Delcour, Jan; Delvigne, Frank; Vankelecom, Ivo; Derdelinckx, Guy
23-Jul-2013 Court versus country and their Shakespearean imaginations in Lady Morgan's later national talesSeynhaeve, Benedicte
23-Jul-2013 Using attitudes to predict relapse following treatment for alcohol dependence: Does attitude accessibility matter?Descheemaeker, Mathilde; Spruyt, Adriaan; Peuskens, Hendrik; Hermans, Dirk
23-Jul-2013 The blocking procedure as a laboratory model for studying fear generalizationBoddez, Yannick; Baeyens, Frank; Hermans, Dirk; Beckers, Tom
23-Jul-2013 The use of multi-criteria decision analysis to define and evaluate socially responsible investmentsVerheyden, Tim; De Moor, Lieven
23-Jul-2013 Inducing apoptosis of cancer cells using small-molecule plant compounds that bind to GRP78Martin, Shaun; Lamb, HK; Brady, C; Lefkove, B; Bonner, MY; Thompson, P; Lovat, LE; Arbiser, JL; Hawkins, AR; redfern, CP
24-Jul-2013 Old vs. new communication: Bee-com a 21st century communicatorFrijns, Carolien
24-Jul-2013 Syrië: Waarom stenen ook belangrijk zijnVansteenhuyse, Klaas
24-Jul-2013 Kunnen lesgeven, dat is in het hoger onderwijs ook belangrijkVansteenhuyse, Klaas
24-Jul-2013 Representations of shape in modal and amodal completion conditions tested with shape frequency adaptationKogo, Naoki
24-Jul-2013 Reframing StructuresVrouwe, Ivo; Pak, Burak; Cruz, Paulo (othereditor)
25-Jul-2013 Configurations and Earthing of HVDC GridsDe Boeck, Steven; Tielens, Pieter; Leterme, Willem; Van Hertem, Dirk
25-Jul-2013 A quantitative model for slag yard coolingPandelaers, Lieven; D'Alfonso, Alexandro; Jones, Peter Tom; Blanpain, Bart
25-Jul-2013 Unidirectional Side Scattering of Light by a Single-Element NanoantennaVercruysse, Dries; Sonnefraud, Yannick; Verellen, Niels; Fuchs, Fabian B; Di Martino, Giuliana; Lagae, Liesbet; Moshchalkov, Victor; Maier, Stefan A; Van Dorpe, Pol
25-Jul-2013 Informality compensated, or a form of exclusion? Informal work by secondary students as a compensating differential versus an indicator of precarityAdriaenssens, Stef; Verhaest, Dieter; Hendrickx, Jef
25-Jul-2013 The consumer side of the picture: explaining the persistence of informality from demand side experiencesAdriaenssens, Stef; Hendrickx, Jef
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