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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Apr-2013 Cognitive Analyses of Contemporary Russian PoetrySoldatjenkova, Tatjana; Zherebov, Vladimir
2013 Acinetobacter nectaris sp nov and Acinetobacter boissieri sp nov., isolated from floral nectar of wild Mediterranean insect-pollinated plantsAlvarez-Perez, Sergio; Lievens, Bart; Jacquemyn, Hans; Herrera, Carlos M.
Apr-2013 The unique contribution of sense of coherence to disease adaptation in adolescents with congenital heart diseaseApers, Silke; Luyckx, Koen; Goossens, Eva; Rassart, Jessica; Moons, Philip
Apr-2013 Automatic Identification of Marked Pigs in a Pen Using Image Pattern RecognitionKashiha, Mohammadamin; Bahr, Claudia; Ott, Sanne; Moons, Chistel P.H.; Niewold, Theo; Ödberg, Frank O.; Berckmans, Daniel
Apr-2013 Pig domestication and human-mediated dispersal in western Eurasia revealed through ancient DNA and geometric morphometricsOttoni, Claudio; Flink, Linus Girdland; Evin, Allowen; Geörg, Christina; De Cupere, Bea; Van Neer, Wim; Bartosiewicz, László; Linderholm, Anna; Barnett, Ross; Peters, Joris; Decorte, Ronny; Waelkens, Marc; Vanderheyden, Nancy; Ricaut, François-Xavier; Rus Hoelzel, A; Mashkour, Marjan; Karimlu, Azadeh Fatemeh Mohaseb; Seno, Shiva Sheikhi; Daujat, Julie; Brock, Fiona; ...
Apr-2013 Subclinical Cardiotoxicity Detected by Strain Rate Imaging up to 14 months After Breast Radiation TherapyErven, Katrien; Florian, Anca; Slagmolen, Pieter; Sweldens, Caroline; Jurcut, Ruxandra; Wildiers, Hans; Voigt, Jens-Uwe; Weltens, Caroline
Apr-2013 Microbiota conservation and BMI signatures in adult monozygotic twinsTims, Sebastian; Derom, Cathérine; Jonkers, Daisy M; Vlietinck, Robert; Saris, Wim H; Kleerebezem, Michiel; de Vos, Willem M; Zoetendal, Erwin G
Apr-2013 Spatial isolation slows down directional plant functional group assembly in restored semi-natural grasslandsHelsen, Kenny; Hermy, Martin; Honnay, Olivier
Apr-2013 Autotrophic nitrogen removal after ureolytic phosphate precipitation to remove both endogenous and exogenous nitrogenDesmidt, Evelyn; Monballiu, Annick; De Clippeleir, Haydee; Verstraete, Willy; Meesschaert, Boudewijn
Apr-2013 Evidence of Extensive Diversity in Bacterial Adherence Mechanisms That Exploit Unanticipated Stainless Steel Surface Structural Complexity for Biofilm FormationDavis, Elisabeth M; Li, Dongyang; Shahrooei, Mohammad; Yu, Bin; Muruve, Daniel; Irvin, Randall T
Apr-2013 Design Development of Future Homes for Future CitiesPombo, Fatima; Heynen, Hilde; Nyström, Maria
Apr-2013 Reduced Reward Learning Predicts Outcome in Major Depressive DisorderVrieze, Elske; Pizzagalli, Diego A; Demyttenaere, Koen; Hompes, Titia; Sienaert, Pascal; de Boer, Peter; Schmidt, Mark; Claes, Stephan
Apr-2013 Bridging the Abyss. Victor Basch’s Political and Aesthetic MindsetHeynickx, Rajesh
Apr-2013 The distributed representation of random and meaningful object pairs in human occipitotemporal cortex: The weighted average as a general ruleBaeck, Annelies; Wagemans, Johan; Op de Beeck, Hans
Apr-2013 Towards online planning for open-air engineering processesAli, O.; Valckenaers, Paul; Van Belle, Jan; Saint Germain, Bart; Verstraete, P.; Van Oudheusden, Dirk
Apr-2013 Mere intention to perform painful movements elicits fear of movement-related pain: An experimental study on fear acquisition beyond actual movementsMeulders, Ann; Vlaeyen, Johan
Apr-2013 A good manuscript review for the European Journal of Cardiovascular NursingJaarsma, Tiny; Strömberg, Anna; Arestedt, Kristofer; Broström, Anders; Kärner, Anita; Martensson, Jan; Moons, Philip; Thylén, Ingela; Thompson, David R
Apr-2013 Preventing COPD exacerbations with macrolides: a review and budget impact analysisSimoens, Steven; Laekeman, Gert; Decramer, Marc
Apr-2013 Use of artificial neural networks in the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome in schizophrenic patientsVan Schependom, J; Nagels, G; Yu, W; De Hert, Marc
Apr-2013 Is the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and metabolic abnormalities increased in early schizophrenia? A comparative meta-analysis of first episode, untreated and treated patientDe Hert, Marc; Vancampfort, Davy; De Herdt, Amber; Yu, W; Mitchell, A
Apr-2013 Neurocognition in clinical high risk young adults who did or did not convert to a first schizophrenic psychosis : a meta-analysisDe Herdt, Amber; Wampers, Martien; Vancampfort, Davy; De Hert, Marc; L Vanhees, Luc; Demunter, H; Van Bouwel, L; Bunner, E; Probst, Michel
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