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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
7-Sep-2013 Effects of combined chemical admixtures on cement paste rheologyLesage, Karel; Cizer, Özlem; Vandewalle, Lucie; Desmet, Bram; Deschutter, Geert; Vantomme, John
7-Sep-2013 Air-void characterisation of self-compacting concreteLesage, Karel; Andries, Joren; Vandewalle, Lucie; Roussel, Nicolas (othereditor)
7-Sep-2013 Roughnecks, revolutionaries and role models: the social dynamics of bicycle racing as an occupation in Belgium, 1900-1940Knuts, Stijn; Delheye, Pascal
7-Sep-2013 Why do Local Voters Deviate from their National Party Preference? An Analysis of the 2012 PartiRep Exit Poll in BelgiumMarien, Sofie; Hooghe, Marc; Dassonneville, Ruth
7-Sep-2013 Media Mythmaking and Gangs: It's Poetics and ConsequencesVan Hellemont, Elke
7-Sep-2013 Bonding effectiveness of fiber-reinforced composite to dentinWashino, Takashi; De Munck, Jan; Van Ende, Annelies; Mine, A.; Van Meerbeek, Bart
7-Sep-2013 Degree of conversion of a fiber-reinforced composite measured by micro-RamanLi, X.; Pongprueksa, Pong; De Munck, Jan; Van Meerbeek, Bart
7-Sep-2013 De onteigeningsvergoeding bij de onteigening van verontreinigde grondenStorms, Laurens; Gastmans, Kenny
7-Sep-2013 Kleuters kunnen meer aan dan 'tsjoektsjoeks'Taelman, Helena (other)
7-Sep-2013 The EU2020 employment package 'More and better jobs': The green economyRamioul, Monique
7-Sep-2013 The emergence of penal mediation within Chinese criminal justice systemYuan, Xiaoyu
7-Sep-2013 Interview met Dirk Rochtus: Dominant DuitslandRochtus, Dirk
7-Sep-2013 A New Field of Study: Africa and International HistoryGerits, Frank
8-Sep-2013 ‘Praat niet tegen elke kleuter alsof je er zelf nog één bent’De Coninck, Kaatje; Taelman, Helena (other)
8-Sep-2013 Nostalgie de la tradition. Pratiques d'authentification aupès de Belgo-Maghrébins laïquesFadil, Nadia
9-Sep-2013 Sustainable Management of Solid Waste in Medium-Sized Urban Centers in East Africa: A Case Study in Jimma (Ethiopia) (Duurzaam beheer van vast afval in middelgrote stadscentra in Oost-Afrika: Jimma (Ethiopië) als gevalstudie)Edesa, Tadesse Getahun; Van der Bruggen, Bart (supervisor); Van Gerven, Tom (supervisor)
9-Sep-2013 SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF SOLID WASTE IN MEDIUM-SIZED URBAN CENTERS IN EAST AFRICA: A CASE STUDY IN JIMMA, ETHIOPIAEdesa, Tadesse Getahun; Van der Bruggen, Bart (supervisor); Van Gerven, Tom (cosupervisor)
9-Sep-2013 Electrochemical Depositions in Ionic LiquidsDe Vreese, Peter; Binnemans, Koen (supervisor); Matthijs, Edward (cosupervisor)
9-Sep-2013 Virtualisation-Based Security Countermeasures in Software Runtime Systems (Op virtualisatie gebaseerde beveiligingsmaatregelen voor software-uitvoeringssystemen)Gadaleta, Francesco; Joosen, Wouter (supervisor); Piessens, Frank (supervisor)
9-Sep-2013 Interferometric studies of AGB and post-AGB starsHillen, Michel; Van Winckel, Hans (supervisor); Verhoelst, Tijl (cosupervisor)
9-Sep-2013 Responding to the Threats to Religious Freedom: The Relevance of Dignitatis Humanae for India's Multi-Religious Context.Rodrigues, Eugine; De Tavernier, Johan (supervisor)
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