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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
May-2013 Intracolleague Aggression in a Group of Dutch Prison Workers: Negative Affectivity and Posttraumatic Stress DisorderBogaerts, Stefan; van der Laan, Andre
May-2013 The Effect of Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) on Static Balance and GaitRijken, Noortje H M; Vonhögen, Leon H; Duysens, Jaak; Keijsers, Noël L W
May-2013 The pathogenesis of pulmonary fibrosis: a moving targetWuyts, Wim; Agostini, C; Antoniou, Km; Bouros, D; Chambers, Rc; Cottin, V; Egan, Jj; Lambrecht, Bn; Lories, Rik; Parfrey, H; Prasse, A; Robalo-Cordeiro, C; Verbeken, Erik; Verschakelen, Johny; Wells, Au; Verleden, Geert
May-2013 H63D polymorphism in HFE is not associated with amyotrophic lateral sclerosisvan Rheenen, Wouter; Diekstra, Frank P; van Doormaal, Perry T C; Seelen, Meinie; Kenna, Kevin; McLaughlin, Russell; Shatunov, Aleksey; Czell, David; van Es, Michael A; van Vught, Paul W J; Van Damme, Philip; Smith, Bradley N; Waibel, Stefan; Schelhaas, H Jurgen; van der Kooi, Anneke J; de Visser, Marianne; Weber, Markus; Robberecht, Wim; Hardiman, Orla; Shaw, Pamela J; ...
May-2013 Off-label use of percutaneous pulmonary valved stents in the right ventricular outflow tract: Time to rewrite the label?Boshoff, DE; Cools, Bjorn; Heying, Ruth; Troost, Els; Kefer, J; Budts, Werner; Gewillig, Marc
May-2013 Lung transplantation in cystic fibrosis normalizes essential fatty acid profilesWitters, Peter; Dupont, Lieven; Vermeulen, François; Proesmans, Marijke; Cassiman, David; Wallemacq, Pierre; De Boeck, Christiane
May-2013 Reliability and validity of perceived self-efficacy in wheeled mobility scale among elite wheelchair-dependent athletes with a spinal cord injuryFliess-Douer, Osnat; Vanlandewijck, Yves; van der Woude, Lucas H V
May-2013 The association of frailty with serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D and parathyroid hormone levels in older European menTajar, Abdelouahid; Lee, David M; Pye, Stephen R; O'Connell, Matthew D L; Ravindrarajah, Rathi; Gielen, Evelien; Boonen, Steven; Vanderschueren, Dirk; Pendleton, Neil; Finn, Joseph D; Bartfai, György; Casanueva, Felipe F; Forti, Gianni; Giwercman, Aleksander; Han, Thang S; Huhtaniemi, Ilpo T; Kula, Krzysztof; Lean, Michael E J; Punab, Margus; Wu, Frederick C W; ...
May-2013 The relation between environmental factors and pedometer-determined physical activity in children: the mediating role of autonomous motivationRutten, Cindy; Boen, Filip; Seghers, Jan
May-2013 Static modes switching in gear contact simulationTamarozzi, Tommaso; Ziegler, Pascal; Eberhard, Peter; Desmet, Wim
May-2013 Binaural integrated active noise control and noise reduction in hearing aidsSerizel, Romain; Moonen, Marc; Wouters, Jan; Jensen, Soren Holdt
May-2013 "Trust is not something you can reclaim easily": patenting in the field of direct-to-consumer genetic testingSterckx, Sigrid; Cockbain, Julian; HOWARD, Heidi; Huys, Isabelle; Borry, Pascal
May-2013 Statistical properties of carbon nanostructuresKaatz, Forrest; Bultheel, Adhemar
May-2013 Seeing the bigger picture : How nodes can learn their place within a complex ad hoc network topologyBertrand, Alexander; Moonen, Marc
May-2013 Power law statistics of rippled graphene nanoflakesKaatz, Forrest; Bultheel, Adhemar
May-2013 A possible role for micro-RNA 141 down-regulation in sunitinib resistant metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma through induction of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and hypoxia resistanceBerkers, Joost; Govaere, Olivier; Wolter, Pascal; Beuselinck, Benoit; Schöffski, Patrick; van Kempen, Leon C; Albersen, Maarten; van den Oord, Joost; Roskams, Tania; Swinnen, Johan; Joniau, Steven; Van Poppel, Hendrik; Lerut, Evelyne
May-2013 Transfer from paediatric rheumatology to the adult rheumatology setting: experiences and expectations of young adults with juvenile idiopathic arthritisHilderson, Deborah; Eyckmans, Leen; Van der Elst, Kristien; Westhovens, Rene; Wouters, Carine; Moons, Philip
May-2013 Haploinsufficiency of VGluT1 but not VGluT2 impairs extinction of spatial preference and response suppressionCallaerts-Vegh, Zsuzsanna; Moechars, D.; Van Acker, N.; Daneels, G.; Goris, I.; Leo, Sandra; Naert, Arne; Meert, Theo; Balschun, Detlef; D'Hooge, Rudi
May-2013 International Organization of Physical Therapy in Mental Health consensus on physical activity within rehabilitation programmes for minimising cardio-metabolic risk in patients with schizophreniaVancampfort, Davy; De Hert, Marc; De Herdt, Amber; Probst, Michel
May-2013 Kroniek rechtspraak EHRM 2011Verrijdt, Willem
May-2013 Unilocular adnexal cysts with papillary projections but no other solid components: is there a diagnostic method that can reliably classify them as benign or malignant before surgery?Valentin, L; Ameye, Lieveke; Savelli, L; Fruscio, R; Leone, F; Czekierdowski, A; Lissoni, A; Fischerova, D; Guerriero, S; Van Holsbeke, C; Van Huffel, S; Timmerman, D
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