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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
17-Jul-2013 Optimal Iterative Learning Control Design with Trial-varying Initial ConditionsTong Duy, Son; Pipeleers, Goele; Swevers, Jan
17-Jul-2013 Legitimacy and pension adequacyStevens, Yves
17-Jul-2013 Auditory evoked potentials with direct acoustic cochleair stimulationVerhaert, Nicolas; Hofmann, Michael; Wouters, Jan
17-Jul-2013 Een vreemde weemoedigheidHooghe, Marc
17-Jul-2013 Anisotropic magnetism and spin-dependent transport in Co nanoparticle embedded ZnO thin filmsLi, D. Y; Zeng, Yujia; Pereira, Lino; Batuk, D; Hadermann, Jan; Zhang, Y. Z; Ye, Z. Z; Temst, Kristiaan; Vantomme, André; Van Bael, M. J; Van Haesendonck, Chris
17-Jul-2013 Vector Decoys Trick the Immune ResponseVandendriessche, Thierry; Chuah, Marinee
17-Jul-2013 HeapSentry: Kernel-assisted protection against heap overflowsNikiforakis, Nick; Piessens, Frank; Joosen, Wouter
17-Jul-2013 A comparison of six recursive partitioning methods to find subgroups involved in treatment-subgroup interactionsDoove, Lisa; Dusseldorp, Elise; Van Deun, Katrijn; Van Mechelen, Iven
17-Jul-2013 Diaspora as dilemma: “Developmentalising” the African Union’s Sixth Region?Ngulube, Mbongeni
18-Jul-2013 Validation and Reliability of the Young Schema Questionnaire in a Flemish Inpatient Eating Disorder and Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder SampleClaes, Laurence; Pauwels, Els; Smits, Dirk; Muehlenkamp, Jennifer; Peuskens, Hendrik; Vandereycken, Walter
18-Jul-2013 The electrical behaviour of the dressing process in ELID–grindingKersschot, Bruno; Qian, Jun; Reynaerts, Dominiek
18-Jul-2013 KU Leuven wil kritische moslims opleidenBoeve, Lieven
18-Jul-2013 A meta-analysis on major risk factors of multiple primary cutaneous melanomasMarasigan, Vivien; Schmitt, Eric; Garmyn, Maria; Van Den Noortgate, Wim
18-Jul-2013 Compositional effects on school achievement: a social network approachEmonds, Viktor
19-Jul-2013 The New DSM-5 to DebateClaes, Laurence
19-Jul-2013 The structured geometric meanJeuris, Ben; Vandebril, Raf; Bini, Dario A.; Iannazzo, Bruno
19-Jul-2013 Master Thesis: Association study of genetic variants rs3760511 and rs7501939 with prostate cancer.Prekovic, Stefan
19-Jul-2013 Agroforestry in Vlaanderen: wie past het schoentje (en trekt het aan)?Vandevelde, Celine; Reubens, Bert; Van Avermaet, Greta
19-Jul-2013 Strategies for Enhancing Fiber Optic SPR Sensor PerformanceArghir, Iulia; Delport, Filip; Knez, Karel; Spasic, Dragana; Lammertyn, Jeroen
20-Jul-2013 Cynisme in de TourLagae, Wim
20-Jul-2013 The Kenotic Use of Power: Dangerous or Not?Reynaert, Machteld
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