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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Jan-2013 Sorption of phenolic compounds on NF/RO membranes surfaces: Influence on membrane performanceSotto, Arcadio; Arsuaga, J.M.; Lopez-Munoz, M.J.; Van der Bruggen, Bart
Jan-2013 Impaired bone microachitecture at the distal radius in older men with low muscle mass and grip strength - the STRAMBO studySzulc, P; Blaizot, S; Boutroy, S; Vilayphiou, N; Boonen, Steven; Chapurlat, R
Jan-2013 Efficacy and safety of risedronate 150-mg once a month in the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis: 2-year dataMcClung, M R; Zanchetta, J R; Racewicz, A; Roux, C; Benhamou, C-L; Man, Z; Eusebio, R A; Beary, J F; Burgio, D E; Matzkin, E; Boonen, Steven; Delmas, P
Jan-2013 Non-hip, non-spine fractures drive healthcare utilization following a fracture: the Global Longitudinal Study of Osteoporosis in Women (GLOW)Ioannidis, G; Flahive, J; Pickard, L; Papaioannou, A; Chapurlat, R D; Saag, K G; Silverman, S; Anderson, F A; Gehlbach, S H; Hooven, F H; Boonen, Steven; Compston, J E; Cooper, C; Díez-Perez, A; Greenspan, S L; Lacroix, A Z; Lindsay, R; Netelenbos, J C; Pfeilschifter, J; Rossini, M; ...
Jan-2013 Detection of antinuclear antibodies by automated indirect immunofluorescence analysisBossuyt, Xavier; Cooreman, Sarah; De Baere, Heidi; Verschueren, Patrick; Westhovens, René; Blockmans, Daniel Engelbert; Mariën, Godelieve
Jan-2013 Phase I dose-escalation study of intravenous aflibercept administered in combination with irinotecan, 5-fluorouracil and leucovorin in patients with advanced solid tumoursVan Cutsem, Eric; Khayat, David; Verslype, Chris; Billemont, Bertrand; Tejpar, Sabine; Meric, Jean-Baptiste; Soussan-Lazard, Karen; Assadourian, Sylvie; Cartot-Cotton, Sylvaine; Rixe, Olivier
Jan-2013 The "Leuven" paclitaxel/carboplatin weekly regimen in patients with recurrent ovarian cancer, a retrospective studyCadron, Isabelle; Abdulkadir, Leyla; Despierre, Evelyn; Berteloot, Patrick; Neven, Patrick; Leunen, Karin; Amant, Frédéric; Vergote, Ignace
Jan-2013 Flow visualization using momentum and energy transport tubes and applications to turbulent flow in wind farmsMeyers, Johan; Meneveau, Charles
Jan-2013 Detection of false positives with a commonly used Norovirus RT-PCR primer setWollants, Elke; Van Ranst, Marc
Jan-2013 Complete genetic characterization of human G2P[6] and G3P[6] rotavirus strainsHeylen, Elisabeth; Zeller, Mark; Ciarlet, Max; De Coster, Sarah; Van Ranst, Marc; Matthijnssens, Jelle
Jan-2013 Discovery and molecular characterization of a group A rotavirus strain detected in an Argentinean vicuña (Vicugna vicugna)Badaracco, Alejandra; Matthijnssens, Jelle; Romero, Sandra; Heylen, Elisabeth; Zeller, Mark; Garaicoechea, Lorena; Van Ranst, Marc; Parreño, Viviana
Jan-2013 Equine G3P[3] rotavirus strain E3198 related to simian RRV and feline/canine-like rotaviruses based on complete genome analysesMiño, Samuel; Matthijnssens, Jelle; Badaracco, Alejandra; Garaicoechea, Lorena Laura; Zeller, Mark; Heylen, Elisabeth; Van Ranst, Marc; Barrandeguy, Maria Edith; Parreño, Gladys
Jan-2013 Patch testing with 2.0 % (0.60 mg/cm2) formaldehyde instead of 1.0 % (0.30 mg/cm2) detects significantly more contact allergyPontén, An; Aalto-Korte, Kristiina; Tove, Agner; Andersen, Klaus; Giménez-Arnau, Ana; Gonçalo, Margarida; Goossens, An
Jan-2013 Measuring the glomerular filtration rate in different age groups using iohexol, the protocol from the Belgian Iohexol StudyVan Pottelbergh, Gijs; Hoste, L; Degryse, Jean-Marie; Pottel, Hans; Claes, Kathleen; Demoulin, N; Jadoul, M; Bammens, Bert; Wallemacq, P
Jan-2013 An exact method for scheduling of the alternative technologies in R&D projectsRanjbar, Mohammad; Davari, Morteza
Jan-2013 Human computation as a new method for evidence-based knowledge transfer in web-based guideline development groups: A proof of concept randomized controlled trialHeselmans, Annemie; Aertgeerts, Bert; Donceel, Peter; Van de Velde, Stijn; Vanbrabant, Peter; Ramaekers, Dirk
Jan-2013 Transient receptor potential channels in bladder functionCorma Canos, Avelino; Charrua, A; Frias, B; Cruz, C; Boudes, Mathieu; De Ridder, Dirk; Cruz, F
Jan-2013 From block clearance to sprint running: Characteristics underlying an effective transitionDebaere, Sofie; Delecluse, Christophe; Aerenhouts, Dirk; Hagman, Friso; Jonkers, Ilse
Jan-2013 A 2-Stage Genome-Wide Association Study to Identify Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Associated With Development of Erectile Dysfunction Following Radiation Therapy for Prostate CancerKerns, Sarah L; Stock, Richard; Stone, Nelson; Buckstein, Michael; Shao, Yongzhao; Campbell, Christopher; Rath, Lynda; De Ruysscher, Dirk; Lammering, Guido; Hixson, Rosetta; Cesaretti, Jamie; Terk, Mitchell; Ostrer, Harry; Rosenstein, Barry S
Jan-2013 Pharmacological inhibition of PHOSPHO1 suppresses vascular smooth muscle cell calcificationKiffer Moreira, T; Yadav, M C; Zhu, D; Bravo, Y; Narisawa, S; Sheen, C; Stec, B; Cosford, N D; Dahl, R; Farquharson, C; Hoylaerts, Marc; MacRae, V E; Millan, J L
Jan-2013 Test-retest reliability and developmental evolution of the six minute walk test in Caucasian boys aged 5-12 yearsGoemans, Nathalie; Klingels, Katrijn; Van den Hauwe, Marleen; Van Orshoven, A; Vanpraet, S; Feys, Hilde; Buyse, Gunnar
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