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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2014 Brian James Baer, ed. Contexts, Subtexts, and Pretexts. Literary translation in Eastern Europe and RussiaBoulogne, Pieter
2014 European Solidarity with Chile, 1970s-1980sChristiaens, Kim (editor); Goddeeris, Idesbald (editor); Rodríguez García, Magaly (editor)
2014 Belgium: The Chilean Factor & the Changing Dimensions of SolidarityChristiaens, Kim; Christiaens, Kim (othereditor); Goddeeris, Idesbald (othereditor); Rodriguez Garcia, Magaly (othereditor)
2014 Pythagoras in the Historical Tradition: From Herodotus to Diodorus SiculusSchorn, Stefan; Huffman, Carl A. (othereditor)
2014 Cash holdings and business group membershipLocorotondo, Rosy; Dewaelheyns, Nico; Van Hulle, Cynthia
2014 AnalogyDe Smet, Hendrik; Fischer, Olga
2014 Puns Within the Context of Name Explanations in MT and LXX ExodusKabergs, Valérie; Kraus, Wolfgang (othereditor); Kreuzer, Siegfried (othereditor)
2014 Islam in Belgium. Mapping an emerging interdisciplinary field of studyFadil, Nadia; El Asri, Farid; Bracke, Sarah; Cesari, Jocelyn (othereditor)
2014 Born this Way. Een filosofische blik op wetenschap en homoseksualiteit (forthcoming)Adriaens, Pieter; De Block, Andreas
2014 The Sciences of Sexual Orientation (forthcoming)Adriaens, Pieter; De Block, Andreas
2014 Scheduling modular projects on a bottleneck resourceCoolen, Kris; Wei, Wenchao; Talla Nobibon, Fabrice; Leus, Roel
2014 Robust maximum weighted independent-set problems on interval graphsTalla Nobibon, Fabrice; Leus, Roel
2014 Understanding varieties of flexibility and security in multinationals: Product markets, institutions variation and local bargainingPulignano, Valeria; Keune, M.
2014 Filelfo, Man of Letters (proposal accepted)De Keyser, Jeroen (editor)
2014 A Smoothed GMS Friction Model suited for Gradient-Based Friction State and Parameter EstimationBoegli, Max; De Laet, Tinne; De Schutter, Joris; Swevers, Jan
2014 The Gnostic 'sur' in Surrealism: Jacob Taubes and Hans Blumenberg on Transcendence and Modern Art (forthcoming)Styfhals, Willem; Symons, Stéphane (othereditor)
2014 Union organisational responses to precarious workers: Italy and Spain compared (accepted for a special issue*)De Franceschi, Fabio; Pulignano, Valeria; Ortiz, Luis
2014 Computers work for women: Gender differences in online divorce mediationBollen, Katalien; Verbeke, Alain; Euwema, Martin
2014 Angry at your boss: Who cares? Anger recognition and mediation effectivenessBollen, Katalien; Euwema, Martin
2014 Mediating hierarchical labour conflicts: Dynamics and interventionsBollen, Katalien; Euwema, Martin; Ayoko, O. B. (othereditor); Ashkanasy, N. M. (othereditor); Jehn, K. A. (othereditor)
2014 Effects of deregulation and vertical unbundling on the performance of China's electricity generation sectorVan Biesebroeck, Jo; Gao, Hang
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