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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Oct-2013 Circulation d'un portrait de Cendrars: presse et phénomène de pollinisationReverseau, Anne
Oct-2013 The Harm of Cocaine Trafficking. Applying a New Framework for AssessmentPaoli, Letizia; Zoutendijk, Andries; Greenfield, Victoria A.
Oct-2013 Vatican Teachings on Labour and Their Relevance for The Unorganised Workers in IndiaKumar David, Martin; De Tavernier, Johan
Oct-2013 Age-related differences in corticospinal excitability during a choice reaction time taskCuypers, Koen; Thijs, Herbert; Duque, Julie; Swinnen, Stephan; Levin, Oron; Meesen, Raf
Oct-2013 SLAC: Statistical total lesion metabolic activity computation by fuzzy unsupervised learning of PET imagesGeorge, Jose; Vunckx, Kathleen; Van de Casteele, Elke; Tejpar, Sabine; Deroose, Christophe; Nuyts, Johan; Loeckx, Dirk; Suetens, Paul
Oct-2013 Prevalence of DSM-IV personality disorders in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome: A controlled studyKempke, Stefan; Van Den Eede, Filip; Schotte, Chris; Claes, Stephan; Van Wambeke, Peter; Van Houdenhove, Boudewijn; Luyten, Patrick
Oct-2013 Functional Connectivity in the Normal and Injured BrainGillebert, Céline; Mantini, Dante
Oct-2013 COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS MODELLING OF ORCHARD SPRAYER PERFORMANCE: MACHINE TYPE AND OPERATIONAL PARAMETERS CHARACTERIZATIONDuga, Ashenafi Tilahun; Endalew, Ayenew Melese; Hendrickx, Nico; Goossens, Tim; Dekeyser, Donald; Nuyttens, David; Nicolai, Bart; Verboven, Pieter; R. Suay (othereditor)
Oct-2013 CFD Modeling of Air Cooling of Multiple Beef Carcasses Using 3D Geometrical ModelsKuffi, Kumsa Delessa; Defraeye, Thijs; Koninckx, Erwin; Lescouhier, Stefaan; Nicolai, Bart; De Smet, Stefaan; Geeraerd, Annemie; Verboven, Pieter; Suay, R (othereditor)
Oct-2013 A Classification of DC Node Voltage Control Methods for HVDC GridsVrana, Til Kristian; Beerten, Jef; Belmans, Ronnie; Fosso, Olav Bjarte
Oct-2013 Why working with porcine circulating serum amyloid A is a pig of a jobSoler, Laura; Molenaar, A; Merola, N; Eckersall, P D; Gutiérrez, A; Cerón, J J; Mulero, V; Niewold, Theo
Oct-2013 Influence of Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass on Medication CostGesquiere, Ina; Buyse, M; Basdevant, A; Haggege, S; Aron-Wisnewsky, J; Oppert, JM; Foulon, Veerle
Oct-2013 The effects of process-induced pectin changes on the viscosity of carrot and tomato seraMoelants, Katlijn; Jolie, Ruben; Palmers, Stijn; Cardinaels, Ruth; Christiaens, Stefanie; Van Buggenhout, Sandy; Van Loey, Ann; Moldenaers, Paula; Hendrickx, Marc
Oct-2013 Sense of coherence and perceived physical health explain the better quality of life in adolescents with congenital heart diseaseApers, Silke; Moons, Philip; Goossens, Eva; Luyckx, Koen; Gewillig, Marc; Bogaerts, Kris; Budts, Werner
Oct-2013 Complex Gaussian quadrature for oscillatory integral transformsAsheim, Andreas; Huybrechs, Daan
Oct-2013 Sexual concerns and practices after ICD implantation: Findings of the COPE-ICD rehabilitation trialKikkenborg Berg, S; Ellemann-Jensen, L; Zwisler, AD; Winkel, P; Hastrup, J; Pedersen, PU; Moons, Philip
Oct-2013 Struggle or Recognition? Critical Reflections on Honneth’s Reading of Hegel’s Philosophy of Rightde Boer, Karin
Oct-2013 Mechanics of the mitral valve : A critical review, an in vivo parameter identification, and the effect of prestrainRausch, Manuel K; Famaey, Nele; Shultz, Tyler O'Brien; Bothe, Wolfgang; Miller, D Craig; Kuhl, Ellen
Oct-2013 Synaptic Vesicle Trafficking Defects in Health and DiseaseVerstreken, Patrik
Oct-2013 Les catégories sont-elles définissables?Pelletier, Arnaud; Bacin, Stefano (othereditor); Ferrarin, Alfredo (othereditor); La Rocca, Claudio (othereditor); Ruffing, Margit (othereditor)
Oct-2013 Developmental changes in visuo-spatial working memory in normally developing children: Event-related potentials studyMyatchin, Ivan; Lagae, Lieven
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