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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Aug-2013 Ageing of internal models: from a continuous to an intermittent proprioceptive control of movementBoisgontier, Matthieu; Nougier, Vincent
Aug-2013 Outcome Measures of Spiritual Care in Palliative Home Care: A Qualitative StudyVermandere, Mieke; Lepeleire, Jan De; Van Mechelen, Wouter; Warmenhoven, Franca; Thoonsen, Bregje; Aertgeerts, Bert
Aug-2013 Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt stent-graft placement: mean optimal portal venous projection view determined by three-dimensional portographyMaleux, Geert; Jiang, X; Heye, Sam; Mariën, Ilse; Nevens, Frederik; Grünhagen, T
Aug-2013 The vagal innervation of the gut and immune homeostasisMatteoli, Gianluca; Boeckxstaens, Guy
Aug-2013 De onzichtbare hand van Pareto in het cessierecht. Een rechtsvergelijkende en rechtseconomische studieHelsen, Frederic
Aug-2013 Polycystins and cellular Ca(2+) signalingMekahli, Djalila; Parys, Jan; Bultynck, Geert; Missiaen, Ludwig; De Smedt, Humbert
Aug-2013 Regulated granule trafficking in platelets and neurons: A common molecular machineryGoubau, Christophe; Buyse, Gunnar; Di Michele, Michela; Van Geet, Chris; Freson, Kathleen
Aug-2013 Evaluating the implementation fidelity of a multi-component intervention for oral health promotion in preschool childrenVan den Branden, Sigrid; Van den Broucke, Stephan; Leroy, Roos; Declerck, Dominique; Hoppenbrouwers, Karel
Aug-2013 Mechanism of autograft insufficiency after the Ross operation in childrenGoda, Motohiko; Gewillig, Marc; Eyskens, Benedicte; Heying, Ruth; Cools, Bjorn; Rega, Filip; Meyns, Bart
Aug-2013 Early surgery in infective endocarditis with large vegetations significantly reduced mortality compared with conventional treatmentHerregods, Marie-Christine; Herijgers, Paul
Aug-2013 Quantification of metal artifacts on cone beam computed tomography imagesPauwels, Ruben; Stamatakis, Harry; Bosmans, Hilde; Bogaerts, Ria; Jacobs, Reinhilde; Horner, Keith; Tsiklakis, Kostas
Aug-2013 Predictive data mining on monitoring data from the intensive care unitGuiza Grandas, Fabian; Van Eyck, Jelle; Meyfroidt, Geert
Aug-2013 Medication adherence in schizophrenia: Factors influencing adherence and consequences of non-adherence – a systematic literature reviewHigashi, K; Medic, G; Littlewood, K J; Diez, T; Granström, G; De Hert, Marc
Aug-2013 Structure, regulation and pharmacological modulation of PP2A phosphatasesLambrecht, Caroline; Haesen, Dorien; Sents, Ward; Ivanova, Elitsa; Janssens, Veerle
Aug-2013 The Leuven Questionnaire on Patient Knowledge of Chemotherapy (L-PaKC): Instrument development and psychometric evaluationCoolbrandt, Annemarie; Van den Heede, Koen; Jans, Eveline; Laenen, Annouschka; Verslype, Chris; Wildiers, Hans; Milisen, Koen
Aug-2013 Assessment of strain and strain rate by two-dimensional speckle tracking in mice: comparison with tissue Doppler echocardiography and conductance catheter measurementsFerferieva, Vesselina; Van den Bergh, Aldegonda; Claus, Piet; Jasaityte, Ruta; La Gerche, Andre; Rademakers, Frank; Herijgers, Paul; D'hooge, Jan
Aug-2013 Residential Electrical Load Model based on Mixture Model Clustering and Markov ModelsLabeeuw, Wouter; Deconinck, Geert
Aug-2013 Environmental change as a driver of diversification in temporary aquatic habitats – does the genetic structure of extant fairy shrimp populations reflect historic aridification?Pinceel, Tom; Brendonck, Luc; Larmuseau, Maarten; Vanhove, Maarten; Timms, Brian; Vanschoenwinkel, Bram
Aug-2013 Activation of the mTOR signaling pathway by L-leucine in 5q- syndrome and other RPS14-deficient erythroblastsYip, B H; Vuppusetty, C; Attwood, M; Giagounidis, A; Germing, U; Lamikanra, A A; Roberts, D J; Maciejewski, J P; Vandenberghe, Peter; Mecucci, Christina; Wainscoat, J S; Pellagatti, A; Boultwood, J
Aug-2013 Genetic predisposition scores associate with muscular strength, size and trainabilityThomaes, Tom; Thomis, Martine; Onkelinx, Steven; Goetschalckx, Kaatje; Fagard, Robert; Lambrechts, Diether; Vanhees, Luc
Aug-2013 Power, senses and (dis)ability: Sensorial reflections on the history of educationVan Drenth, Annemieke; Verstraete, Pieter
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