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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
30-May-2014 The Development of quasi-Monte Carlo Methods for Problems in Finance (Het ontwikkelen van quasi-Monte Carlo algoritmes voor financiële problemen)Achtsis, Nico; Cools, Ronald (supervisor); Nuyens, Dirk (cosupervisor)
30-May-2014 Cognitive control over action: studies in healthy young adults and patients with traumatic brain injuryLeunissen, Hendrika Petronella; Swinnen, Stephan (supervisor); Coxon, James (cosupervisor)
30-May-2014 Pannonian Martyrs of the Great Persecution and the Construction of Christian Identity in the Late 4th and Early 5th Century Middle Danube AreaTamas, Hajnalka; Leemans, Johan (supervisor); Lamberigts, Mathijs (cosupervisor)
30-May-2014 Governed or self-governed public hospitals? Presentation at the Department of Health Management and Health Economics, Institute of Health and Society, Faculty of Medicine, University of OsloDan, Sorin
30-May-2014 Extreem rechts zal blijvenHooghe, Marc
30-May-2014 Pharmacological rescue of behavioural phenotypes in a Spred1 mouse model for Legius syndromeBrems, Hilde
30-May-2014 Equilibrium contact angle measurements of natural fibers by an acoustic vibration techniqueFuentes Rojas, Carlos; Beckers, Kristel; Pfeiffer, Helge; Tran, L.Q.N; Dupont-Gillain, C.; Verpoest, Ignace; Van Vuure, Aart Willem
30-May-2014 Economic Signals in Grid Tariffs for Residential Grid UsersJargstorf, Johannes; Kessels, Kris; De Jonghe, Cedric; Belmans, Ronnie
30-May-2014 E-sigaret: hulpmiddel of hype?Van Gucht, Dinska
30-May-2014 Drivers of frontline employees’ service recovery performance across cultures: A meta-analysisVan Vaerenbergh, Yves; Van den Broeck, Anja; Larivière, Bart
30-May-2014 The language backfire effect: Do customers always prefer service in their first language?Holmqvist, Jonas; Van Vaerenbergh, Yves; Dahlèn, Micael
31-May-2014 Making Large Treebanks Searchable. The SoNaR caseVandeghinste, Vincent; Augustinus, Liesbeth
31-May-2014 Schaf de klassieke examens af!Renson, Ine; Van Crombrugge, Hans; Valcke, Martin; Van Petegem, Peter; De Bruyckere, Petro; Torfs, Rik
31-May-2014 E-sigaret: hulpmiddel of hype?Van Gucht, Dinska
31-May-2014 "Belgien – ein Staat im Zerfall?"Rochtus, Dirk
31-May-2014 Identification of Gait Events Combining Bayesian Hidden Markov Models and Linear RegressionDi Lello, Enrico; Nieuwenhuys, Angela; De Laet, Tinne; Desloovere, Kaat
31-May-2014 Draag een valscherm voor onvoorziene reisomstandighedenSpeybrouck, Jos
31-May-2014 Bijzondere Wetgever verduidelijkt de regeling van artikel 26, § 4 van de bijzondere wet op het Grondwettelijk Hof inzake samenloop van grondrechtenSouverijns, Tim
Jun-2014 Reduced masticatory function is related to lower satellite cell numbers in masseter muscleKuijpers, M A R; Grefte, S; Bronkhorst, E M; Carels, Carine; Kiliaridis, S; Von den Hoff, J W
Jun-2014 Non-linear kink oscillations of coronal magnetic loopsRuderman, M.S.; Goossens, Marcel
Jun-2014 Challenges to surface water quality in mid-sized African cities: conclusions from Awetu - Kito rivers in Jimma, SW EthiopiaHaddis, Alemayehu; Getahun, Tadesse; Mengistie, Embialle; Jemal, Amana; Smets, Ilse; Van der Bruggen, Bart
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