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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2015 Leonhard Paminger (1495–1567) and the mensural systemBehrendt, Inga; Burn, David; McDonald, Grantley; Delfino, Antonio (othereditor)
2015 Writing Greek Myth. A Philological Commentary on the Second Book of Ps.-Apollodorus' BibliothecaKenens, Ulrike
2015 Reception and the Textuality of History: Ramus and Kepler on Proclus' History and Philosophy of GeometryClaessens, Guy; Lardinois, André (othereditor); Levie, Sophie (othereditor); Hoeken, Hans (othereditor); Lüthy, Christoph (othereditor)
2015 Timing and heritability of ovary activation in worker honeybeesCardoen, Dries; Ernst, Uli; Iserbyt, Arne; Tobback, Julie; de Graaf, Dirk C.; Verleyen, Peter; Wenseleers, Tom
2015 (Marcus) Lucretius Diogenes and Aurelius SarapionWaebens, Sofie; Vandorpe, Katelijn (othereditor); Clarysse, Willy (othereditor); Verreth, Herbert (othereditor); e.a. (othereditor)
2015 Proclus on the One, the Henads and Principles (forthcoming)Van Riel, Gerd; d'Hoine, Pieter (othereditor); Martijn, Marije (othereditor)
2015 Politics as the Art of the Impossible: The Heteronomy of Italian Futurist Art-ActionBru, Sascha; Erjavec, Ales (othereditor)
2015 The Heart of Man. Pentecostal Emotive Style in and beyond Kinshasa's Media WorldPype, Katrien; Hackett, Rosalind (othereditor); Soares, Benjamin (othereditor)
2015 Enacting the socio-material: Matter and meaning reconfigured through disability experienceHeylighen, Ann; Lindsay, Georgia (othereditor); Morhayim, Lusi (othereditor)
2015 Islam in Belgium. Mapping an emerging interdisciplinary field of studyFadil, Nadia; El Asri, Farid; Bracke, Sarah; Cesari, Jocelyn (othereditor)
2015 Born this Way. Een filosofische blik op wetenschap en homoseksualiteit (forthcoming)Adriaens, Pieter; De Block, Andreas
2015 Why sexual deviations are not mental disorders (forthcoming)Adriaens, Pieter; Meacham, Darian (othereditor)
2015 Filelfo, Man of Letters (proposal accepted)François, Ide (other); De Keyser, Jeroen (editor)
2015 Musical tributes to MelanchtonBurn, David
2015 Langages de modélisation : un profil UML personnalisé pour modeler les concepts et les définitions (accepted)Kockaert, Hendrik; Steurs, Frieda; Rute, Costa (othereditor); Roche, Cristophe (othereditor)
2015 Francesco Filelfo and Francesco Sforza. A critical edition of Filelfo’s Sphortias and Oratio parentalisDe Keyser, Jeroen
2015 Sports participation styles revisited. A time-trend study in Belgium from the 1970s to the 2000sBorgers, Julie; Thibaut, Erik; Vandermeerschen, Hanne; Vanreusel, Bart; Vos, Steven; Scheerder, Jeroen
2015 Le minimalisme: principes et démarcheLahousse, Karen
2015 De Vorstermanbijbel van 1528 en later: naar een katholieke bijbelFrançois, Wim; Gillaerts, Paul (othereditor); Bloemen, Henri (othereditor); Desplenter, Youri (othereditor); François, Wim (othereditor); den Hollander, August (othereditor)
2015 Juries in the Japanese Legal System: The Continuing Struggle for Citizen Participation and DemocracyVanoverbeke, Dimitri
2015 Les marqueurs de discours 'en fait', 'de fait', 'en effet' et 'en réalité' et leurs equivalents néerlandais: indices de grammaticalisationLamiroy, Béatrice; Vanderbauwhede, Gudrun; Vigier, Denis (othereditor); Sarda, Laure (othereditor); Combettes, Bernard (othereditor)
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