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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2014 Municipal Solid Waste Collection and Management Problems: A Literature ReviewBelien, Jeroen; De Boeck, Liesje; Van Ackere, Jonas
2014 "Que ces controversiez soient misez soubz pied sans bruict". Reputation, negotiation and accommodation in the Baius affair (1550-1585)Gielis, Gert; Lamberigts, Mathijs (othereditor); Stanciu, Diana (othereditor)
2014 From the wizard to the doubter: Prototypes of scientists and engineers in fiction and non-fiction media aimed at Dutch children and teenagersVan Gorp, Baldwin; Emons, Pascale; Rommes, Els
2014 Culture and Protest in Media FramesVan Gorp, Baldwin; Fahlenbrach, Kathrin (othereditor); Sivertsen, Erling (othereditor); Werenskjold, Rolf (othereditor); Fahlenbrach, Kathrin (series); Klimke, Martin (series); Scharloth, Joachim (series)
2014 Questioning the Human: Toward a Theological Anthropology for the Twenty-First CenturyDe Maeseneer, Yves (editor); Van Stichel, Ellen (editor); Boeve, Lieven (editor)
2014 Whistleblowing and powerLoyens, Kim; Maesschalck, Jeroen; Lewis, David (othereditor); Moberly, Richard (othereditor); Vandekerckhove, Wim (othereditor)
2014 Multinationality and downside risk: The contingent role of option portfolio characteristicsBelderbos, Rene; Tong, Tony; Wu, Shubin
2014 The impact of age on the reservation wage: The role of employment efficacy and work intention: A study in the Belgian contextDe Coen, An; Forrier, Anneleen; Sels, Luc
2014 Le minimalisme: principes et démarcheLahousse, Karen
2014 Habsburg TapestriesBuchanan, Iain; Delmarcel, Guy (series); Brosens, Koenraad (series)
2014 Quality, risk and uncertainty and the market for Brussels tapestry, 1450–1750Brosens, Koenraad; Raux, Sophie (othereditor); De Marchi, Neil (othereditor)
2014 The Sport Doping Market: Understanding Supply and Demand, and the Challenges of Their ControlPaoli, Letizia; Donati, Alessandro
2014 Political Participation in European Countries. The effect of authoritarian rule, corruption, lack of good governance and economic downturnHooghe, Marc; Quintelier, Ellen
2014 Mafia, Camorra and 'NdranghetaPaoli, Letizia; Gilbert, Mark (othereditor); Jones, Erik (othereditor); Pasquino, Gianfranco (othereditor)
2014 Organized Crime, Types ofPaoli, Letizia; Bruinsma, Gerben (othereditor); Weisburd, David (othereditor)
2014 The Multiple Lives of TranslatorsMeylaerts, Reine
2014 Est, Willem Hessels vanFrançois, Wim; Allison Jr., Dale C. (othereditor)
2014 Organized Crime: A Controversial ConceptPaoli, Letizia; Vander Beken, Tom; Paoli, Letizia (othereditor)
2014 The Italian MafiaPaoli, Letizia; Paoli, Letizia (othereditor); Tonry, Michael (series)
2014 IntroductionPaoli, Letizia; Paoli, Letizia (othereditor); Tonry, Michael (series)
2014 Typology - Back with a Vengeance! Text, Images, and Marginal Glosses in Vorsterman’s 1534 Dutch BibleFrançois, Wim; Melion, Walter (othereditor); Clifton, James (othereditor); Weemaes, Michel (othereditor)
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